Feb­ru­a­ry 22, 1805, Har­low, Es­sex, Eng­land.

Au­gust 14, 1848, St. Mar­tin-in-the-Fields, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land, of tu­ber­cu­lo­sis.

Har­low Bap­tist Bur­i­al Ground, Es­sex, Eng­land.


Sarah was the daugh­ter of pol­i­ti­cian and jour­nal­ist Ben­ja­min Flow­er, ed­it­or of The Cam­bridge In­tel­li­genc­er, and Eli­za Flow­er. She mar­ried Will­iam Bridg­es Ad­ams in 1834.

Sarah had hoped to be an ac­tress, but God had oth­er plans for her. Her stage ca­reer was cut short by poor health (though she did get to play La­dy Mac­beth in 1837), so she turned to writ­ing.

Her works in­clude ma­ny mag­a­zine art­ic­les; a po­em about ear­ly Chris­tian mar­tyrs called Vi­via Per­pe­tua (1841); The Flock at the Foun­tain (1845), a child­ren’s ca­te­chism; and 13 en­tries in Hymns and An­thems, pub­lished in 1841 by min­is­ter Will­iam John­son Fox. She at­tend­ed Fox’s South Place Un­i­tar­i­an Church, Fins­bu­ry, Lon­don.

  1. Creator Spir­it! Thou the First
  2. Darkness Shroud­ed Cal­va­ry
  3. Gently Fall the Dews of Eve
  4. Go, and Watch the Au­tumn Leaves
  5. He Send­eth Sun, He Send­eth Show­er
  6. Mourners Came at Break of Day, The
  7. Nearer, My God, to Thee
  8. O Hal­lowed Me­mor­ies of the Past
  9. O Hu­man Heart! Thou Hast a Song
  10. O I Would Sing a Song of Praise
  11. O Love! Thou Mak­est All Things Ev­en
  12. Part in Peace: Is Day Be­fore Us?
  13. Sing to the Lord! For His Mer­cies Are Sure