St. Ambrose

Circa 340, Augusta Treverorum, in the Roman province of Gaul. Today the city of Trier, Germany, stands there.

Easter Eve, 397, Milan, Italy.

Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy, in a glass coffin, between the martyrs Gervasius and Protais.


Ambrose was a Roman citizen, son of a Roman prefect in Gallia Narbonensis. At age 34, he was appointed governor of northern Italy. In 374, Ambrose was selected as bishop of Milan by popular acclaim. His hymns first came to widespread notice in a standoff between him and Empress Justina, who had sent soldiers to arrest him. Ambrose and his faithful flock stayed in the sanctuary of the church for days, singing and praying. The empress lost the test of wills, and Ambrose’s hymns have lived for millennia.

  1. Ad cœnam Agni providi (attributed)
  2. Aeterna Christianti munera
  3. Aeterna coeli gloria
    • Christ, the Glory of the Sky
    • Glory of the Eternal Heaven
    • Eternal Glory of the Heavens
    • Eternal Glory of the Sky
    • Glory of the Heavens Supernal
    • O Eternal Praise of Heaven
    • Thou Glory of the Eternal Sky
  4. Aurora jam spargit polum
    • Dawn Is Dappling o’er the Sky, The
    • Dawn Is Sprinkling in the East, The
    • Dawn Sprinkles All the East with Light
    • Forth from the Glorious Eye of Morn
    • Morn Has Spread Its Crimson Rays, The
    • Morn Lights Up Earth’s Canopy
    • Now Morn Is o’er the Zenith Spread
    • Now Morning Sprinkles All the Sky
    • With Dawn’s Faint Streaks the Heaven
  5. Aurora lucis rutilat (attributed)
  6. Christe, qui lux es et dies
  7. Deus Creator omnium
  8. Iam lucis orto sidere
  9. Jam Christiantus astra ascenderat
  10. Jesu Corona Virginum
  11. Morning Kindles All the Sky, The
  12. Now Hail We Our Redeemer
  13. Nunc Sancte nobis Spiritus
    • Blest Spirit, One with God Above
    • Come, Holy Ghost, and Through Each Heart
    • Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One
    • Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One Art with the Father
    • Even Now Vouchsafe, Good Spirit, One
    • Holy Spirit, Ever One
    • Come, Holy Ghost, with God the Son
    • Now, Holy Ghost, to Thee We Pray
    • Now, O Holy Spirit, One
    • Spirit Benignant, Who Art One
    • Thou with the Father and the Son
  14. O Trinity of Blessèd Light
  15. Rector potens, verax Deus
  16. Rerum Deus tenax vigor
    • Almighty God, Thy Throne Above
    • Creator, Whose Almighty Power
    • God of Heaven and Earth, Whose Might
    • Great God, o’er All Things Ever Reigning
    • Nature’s God, All-Ruling Power
    • O God, Creation’s Secret Force
    • O God, of All the Strength and Power
    • O God, th’Enduring Might of Things
    • O God, the Energy of Things
    • O God, the Light of All That Live
    • O God, Unchangeable and True
    • O Strength and Stay
    • O Thou, True Life of All That Live
    • Strength of the Everlasting Hills
    • Thou God of All, Unmoved and Strong
    • Thou of the Universe the Stay
  17. Sermone blando Angelus
  18. Splendor paternae gloriae
  19. Te lucis ante terminum
  20. Veni, Redemptor gentium