Arnold was a shipwright in the dockyard in Ports­mouth, Hampshire, Eng­land. He lived in Nile Street, Land­port, and was choirmaster at the Dan­i­el Street Wes­ley­an Chapel. He composed many of his tunes while at work, and was accustomed to write them down with his carpenter’s pencil on a piece of board. His tune Sar­ah was the first to be recorded this way, and the board containing it was long preserved by a friend of Ar­nold’s, a Mr. Johnson.

Arnold’s music was first published in 1800, or shortly thereafter, in Original Psalm and Hymn Tunes.

  1. Alexandria
  2. Elysium
  3. Job
  4. Josiah
  5. Middleton
  6. Nazareth
  7. Oregon
  8. Sarah