Late 19th Century

Beattie’s songs be­gan ap­pear­ing in pub­li­ca­tions around the 1880’s.

  1. Are You, Fel­low Tra­vel­er
  2. Closer Still
  3. Happy Pil­grims Ca­naan Bound
  4. Hark to the Trum­pet Sound­ing
  5. Have You Heard the Song of Love?
  6. Homeward Bound Through Calm and Tem­pest
  7. Keep in Step with Je­sus
  8. Little Hera­lds
  9. O’er Life’s Ocean Swift­ly Glid­ing
  10. Rejecting Soul, Sad Is Thy Lot
  11. Stay Thou Near By
  12. Thou, Lord of This Vain World of Sin
  13. Would You for Je­sus Live to Win?