Early 20th Century
Birdie Bell

Bell was born, raised, and (as of 1916) lived in New York Ci­ty. She wrote her first hymn at age 16, and went on to write 500 more, plus 200 re­li­gious po­ems, and 200 Christ­mas and East­er lyrics, be­side nu­mer­ous short sto­ries, sketch­es, and oth­er prose ar­ti­cles con­trib­ut­ed to var­i­ous li­ter­a­ry pub­li­ca­tions.

Bell’s works in­clude:

  1. Although You Stum­ble
  2. Beautiful Birds of the Wild­wood
  3. Because It Is True
  4. Can He Count on You?
  5. Cares May Be­set Me
  6. Christ Is Be­side Thee
  7. Christmas Bells Shine Sweet­ly
  8. Come to Me
  9. Darkness Broods o’er Vale
  10. Day Dawn of Glad­ness
  11. Day of Kind Re­mem­brance, A
  12. Do the Best You Can
  13. Every Day We Need It
  14. Faith’s Three­fold Mis­sion
  15. Finding the Christ
  16. Fly Your Col­ors
  17. Fragrant East­er Li­lies
  18. Gleam on in Splen­dor
  19. God Is Good, O Come with Ad­or­a­tion
  20. God of Love, from Above
  21. He Says So! I Be­lieve It!
  22. He Will Do It for Thee
  23. Jesus Un­der­stands
  24. Just One Touch
  25. Just Tell It to Je­sus
  26. My Fa­ther Is Wait­ing for Me
  27. Near to Thee
  28. Never a Bur­den of Care or Woe
  29. No Mat­ter if Clouds Have O’er­sha­dowed the Way
  30. Nothing Too Hard for Je­sus
  31. Old Church Bell, The
  32. Our Christ­mas Song
  33. Over Life’s Thorny Path­way
  34. Over the Town of Beth­le­hem
  35. Sweet­er Day by Day
  36. Teach Our Hands to Do Thy Bid­ding
  37. Tell About the Mas­ter
  38. Tho’ ’Tis Hard to Part from a Friend