Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo, Japan.

Flora was the daughter of David Best and Elizabeth Lockart Best, and wife of was Merriman Colbert Harris, Methodist Bishop of Tokyo.

  1. Above Earth’s Grief and Sighing
  2. Across the Waters Faring
  3. As One Who Lives Amid
  4. At the Beautiful Gate of the Temple
  5. Burden Was Laid on My Spirit, A
  6. Come, Almighty Spirit!
  7. Glory, Glory, Praises Bringing
  8. He Comes, the Holy Christ Child
  9. Heralds of Jesus, Go in Might
  10. How Sweet ’Twill Be to Find the Crossing-Place
  11. I Have Not Read of a Land
  12. I Have Told the Story of Jesus
  13. I’ve Nothing to Bring to Thee
  14. I Will Rise, I Will Rise
  15. Loud Is the Voice of the Trumpet
  16. Midnight Stars Are Looking Downward
  17. My Soul Is Blind
  18. New Song, The
  19. Night and Tempest Are Around Us
  20. Not for My Soul’s Repenting
  21. Of the People None Were
  22. O Lord of Love, Rejected, We
  23. Pallid Dawn Is Stealing, A
  24. Preserve My Jesus
  25. Ring, Ring the Bells
  26. See, the Purple Wine Is Flowing
  27. Strike Your Harps to Richer Music
  28. Swift as Storm Winds
  29. There Are Songs of Joy That I Loved to Sing
  30. There Dawns a Golden Vision
  31. There Is Beauty at Dawn
  32. The Flush of Morn Is on the Mountains
  33. The Golden Sun Is Shining
  34. Though Clouds May Rise in the Distant Skies
  35. Though the Clouds May Rise
  36. To the Cross, Dear Christ, I’m Clinging
  37. Wake, O Zion, Wake to Gladness
  38. Wanderer from Thy Father’s Mansion
  39. We Are More Than Conquerors
  40. We Are Sitting by the Wayside
  41. We Waited by the Wayside
  42. We Weary on Our Journey
  43. When the Rosy Lights of Morning
  44. Yonder Rise the Hills