June 10, 1790, Geneva, Switzerland.

December 24, 1874, La Force, Dordogne, France.


After studying theology at the Mo­ra­vi­an Institute at Neu­wied and at the University of Ge­ne­va, Bost was an itinerant preacher in Swit­zer­land, Ger­ma­ny and France.

In 1825, he co-founded the Reformed Free Church of Ge­ne­va. From 1828–37 he worked as an evangelist in Ca­rouge, where he was baptized by Sam­u­el Hein­rich Froeh­lich.

From 1846–48 he worked as a prison chaplain in Me­lun in Paris.

In 1814, Bost married Jeanne Fran­çoise Pat­tay. Their son John became a priest and made a name for himself as a social pioneer.

In 1841, Bost & Cé­sar Ma­lan published Chants de Si­on.

  1. Amour de Mon Sauveur
  2. Fils du Très-Haut
  3. Gratitude
  4. Normandy
  5. Oberlin

Bost’s burial place