Oc­to­ber 29, 1905, near Spi­ro, Ok­la­ho­ma.

No­vem­ber 15, 1977, Spring­field, Mis­sou­ri.

Fox Ce­me­te­ry, Pow­ell, Mis­sou­ri.


Albert was the son of Will­iam Sher­man Brum­ley and Sar­ah Belle Will­iams. and hus­band of Gold­ie Edith Schell.

He at­tend­ed the Hart­ford Mu­sic­al In­sti­tute in Hart­ford, Ar­kan­sas, and sang with the Hart­ford Quar­tet.

He went on to teach at sing­ing schools in the Ozarks, and lived most of his life in Pow­ell, Mis­sou­ri. He re­cord­ed I’ll Fly Away (one of his most pop­u­lar songs) in 1931.

He worked for 34 years as a staff writ­er for the Hart­ford and Stamps-Bax­ter pub­lish­ers, then found­ed the Al­bert E. Brum­ley & Sons Mu­sic Com­pa­ny and Coun­try Gen­tle­men Mu­sic, and bought the Hart­ford Music Com­pa­ny.

He wrote over 800 Gospel and oth­er songs dur­ing his life; the Coun­try Song Writ­ers Hall of Fame in­duct­ed him in 1970.

  1. Are You Al­most De­cid­ed?
  2. Are You Half as Good a Chris­tian
  3. Beautiful Man­sions Are Wait­ing for Me
  4. Blessèd Je­sus Loves You, Too
  5. Blood That Stained the Old Rugg­ed Cross, The
  6. Brother, I’ll Not Be Far Be­hind
  7. Cabin in the Val­ley of the Pines
  8. Camping in Ca­naan’s Land
  9. Closest Kin
  10. Come On, Let’s All Go Home
  11. Did You Ever Go Sail­ing?
  12. Far Away Plac­es
  13. Flowers in the Wild­wood
  14. Forbidden to Pass Thru the Beau­ti­ful Gate
  15. Go Right Out
  16. Good Time Is Com­ing, A
  17. Great Speck­led Bird, The
  18. I Am Just a Pil­grim
  19. I Can­not Find the Way Alone
  20. I Will Meet You in the Morn­ing
  21. If We Ne­ver Meet Again
  22. If Work­ing and Pray­ing Has Any Re­ward
  23. I’ll Fly Away
  24. I’ll Meet You by the Ri­ver
  25. I’ll Meet You in the Morn­ing
  26. I’ll Sail Away Home Some Sweet Day
  27. I’m Bound for the Land of Ca­naan
  28. In This World I’ve Tried Most Ev­er­y­thing
  29. Jesus, Hold My Hand
  30. Once Like a Bird in Pri­son I Dwelt
  31. Sermon in Song, A
  32. This World Is Not My Home
  33. Turn Your Ra­dio On
  1. Camping in Ca­naan’s Land