Born: June 26, 1834, Ship­dham, Nor­folk, Eng­land.

Died: Jan­u­a­ry 5, 1923, Nor­wich, Eng­land.

Burnett was a cho­ris­ter at Nor­wich Ca­thed­ral be­gin­ning at age 8. At age 15, he be­gan stu­dy­ing the or­gan un­der Ze­cha­ri­ah Buck; he was Buck’s as­sist­ant or­gan­ist 1855–77.

He gra­du­at­ed from Cam­bridge Un­i­ver­si­ty (MusB 1857, MusD 1869), and in 1870 be­came a Fel­low in the Col­lege of Or­gan­ists.

He con­duct­ed the Nor­wich Mu­sic­al Un­ion for ov­er two de­cades, and played the or­gan at the Nor­wich Mu­sic­al Fes­ti­val. In the 1849 fes­tiv­al, he, Jen­ny Lind and a Miss Dol­by to­ge­ther sang Lift Up Thine Eyes.

He served as or­gan­ist of St. Pe­ter’s, Man­croft, start­ing in 1877, was his bo­rough’s or­gan­ist from 1880, and played at the Lowe­stoft Pier Con­certs at that be­gan in 1890.

His pub­lished works in­clude can­ta­tas, an­thems, ca­rols, or­gan piec­es and some two do­zen hymn tunes.

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  2. Kirby Be­don