Feb­ru­a­ry 29, 1692, Old Sham­bles, Man­ches­ter, Eng­land.

Sep­tem­ber 26, 1763, Man­ches­ter, Eng­land.

Jesus Chapel, Man­che­ster Ca­thed­ral, Eng­land.


Byrom’s father was a lin­en draper in Man­ches­ter.

By­rom attended King’s School, Ches­ter, then went on to Cam­bridge, where he graduated MA and became a Fellow of Trinity College. But, declining to take Holy Orders, he resigned and soon after married his cousin, Eliz­a­beth By­rom, against the wishes of both families. He earned a living by teaching shorthand, for which he invented his own system.

In 1723, he was elected Fellow of the Roy­al Society. The following year, his brother died, and John inherited the family estates and returned to Man­ches­ter. He frequently visited Cheet­ham’s Hos­pi­tal in Manchester, and wrote many hymns for the boys there.

  1. Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn
  2. My Spirit Longs for Thee
  1. Come, Savior, Jesus, from Above