1185, Celano, L’Aqui­la, It­a­ly.

Oc­to­ber 4, 1265, Tag­li­a­coz­zo, It­a­ly.

Originally at San Gi­o­van­ni Val dei Var­ri, attached to his monastery, but later re­in­terred in the church of San Fran­ces­co a Tag­li­a­coz­zo.

Thomas, an Ital­ian Fran­cis­can friar, was a friend and bi­o­graph­er of Fran­cis of As­si­si.

  1. Dies Irae, Dies Illa
    • Day of Anger, All Arresting
    • Day of Anger, That Dread Day
    • Day of Doom, the Last, the Greatest
    • Day of Terror, Day of Doom,
    • Day of Vengeance, Day of Sorrow
    • Day of Wrath (Irons)
    • Day of Wrath (O’Hagan)
    • Day of Wrath (Stanley)
    • Day of Wrath and Tribulation
    • Day of Wrath, O Day of Mourning
    • Day of Wrath, That Awful Day
    • Day of Wrath! That Day Dismaying
    • Day of Wrath! That Day of Woe
    • Day of Wrath! The Heart Dismaying
    • Day of Wrath, Thou Day of Thunder
    • Nigher Still, and Still More Nigh
    • On That Great, That Awful Day
    • That Day of Wrath