January 22, 1903, Brooklyn, New York.

June 1, 1992, Carmel, New York.

A church organist for five decades, Clayton played the organ for Jack Wyrtzen’s Word of Life rallies in New York City, and worked as a writer-editor for the Rodeheaver Company.

  1. Angel Brought It Down From Heaven, An
  2. After the Night of Sorrow
  3. All Through the Day He Watches Over Me
  4. Altogether Lovely and Chiefest
  5. Away in the Wild One Lone Sheep Had Strayed
  6. Be Strong in the Strength of the Lord
  7. Blood of the Savior Has Buried My Past, The
  8. Bowed with the Weight of Sin and Shame
  9. By His Mercy and His Kindness
  10. Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Risen
  11. Christ Jesus Is My Shepherd
  12. Come Now, and Let Us Reason Together
  13. Come unto Christ, Ye Wearied
  14. Dark Is the Night and Cold
  15. Do Trials Often Grieve Your Heart?
  16. Down in the Depths of the Deepest Sea
  17. Everlasting Life, Everlasting Home
  18. Every Moment of Every Day
  19. For Long I Walked Afar From God
  20. Friends Around May Stop and Wonder
  21. From His Home of Splendor and Glory
  22. He Gives Me Satisfying Peace
  23. He Holds My Hand
  24. He Lives, the Savior Lives
  25. Higher Than the Hills
  26. How Wondrous the Story of Infinite Love
  27. Hungry, Lonesome, Worried, Distressed
  28. I Am the Resurrection and the Life
  29. I Do Not Know How One So High and Glorious
  30. I Have Found in the Redeemer All My Heart
  31. I Must Tell Others the Story
  32. I Visioned the Cross of My Savior and Lord
  33. I Want to Be Out and Out for Jesus
  34. I Was Bound but the Savior Freed
  35. In Deepest Misery, by God Forsaken
  36. In the Morning, in the Evening
  37. Is There Someone Who Can Meet My Need?
  38. It Was His Love for Me
  39. Jesus Alone Could Bring Salvation
  40. Jesus Is the Fairest Name
  41. Jesus Left the Glory of the Heavens
  42. Jesus’ Love Grows Dearer Day by Day
  43. Jesus My Lord Will Love Me Forever
  44. Jesus, My Savior, Has Promised to Lead Me
  45. Jesus, My Savior, Is Able to Guide
  46. Jesus Was Wounded and Bruised on the Tree
  47. Just Because He Loved Me
  48. Let Me Hear It Told Again
  49. Living Forever, Mighty Creator
  50. Long Years Ago in Bethlehem
  51. Lord Is My Companion, The
  52. Lord, Take My Life and Make It Wholly Thine
  53. My Hope Is in the Lord
  54. My Life Was Full of Sorrow
  55. My Sins Were a Burden So Heavy to Bear
  56. No Word Can Express What My Heart Has Found
  57. Now I Belong to Jesus
  58. O Jesus, My Savior, How Wonderful Thou Art
  59. O Lord Most High, Thou Holy God and Savior
  60. O Soul, Are You Troubled with Doubting and Fear?
  61. O What a Wonderful Day That Will Be
  62. O Ye Who Are Troubled and Burdened by Sin
  63. Once My Heart Was Troubled with Its Sin
  64. Only to Be What He Wants Me to Be
  65. Our Blessed Lord Was Smitten on the Cross
  66. Outside the Heart’s Door He Is Standing
  67. Path of the Pilgrim Is Often Times Steep, The
  68. Praise to Him, the Lord Most High
  69. Sad Were the Days and Weary
  70. Savior Who Cared for the Sinner, A
  71. Sin Once Marked the Path I Trod
  72. Some Day Every Shadow
  73. Someone Around You Is Dreary
  74. There Is a Guide, Close By
  75. There Is a Savior You Really Should Know
  76. There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation
  77. There’s a Blessed Place Where the Trusting Heart
  78. There’s a Land Where Sorrow Never Will Be
  79. There’s a Story Wonderful, True
  80. There’s a Wonderful Name, ’Tis Jesus
  81. To Follow Where My Savior Leads
  82. ’Twas the Dark, Lonely Hour of Midnight
  83. We Are Partners with the Son of God
  84. We Long to See Thy Holy Power
  85. We Shall See His Lovely Face
  86. When I Am Weary From Toil and Care
  87. When I Walked Afar From God
  88. When Jesus Comes Again ’Twill Be My Going Home
  89. When the Road Is Rough
  90. Where’er I Walk, the Savior Walks Beside Me
  91. Why Longer Wait, the Lord Is at Thy Side
  92. Wonderful Friend Divine, Jesus, My All
  93. Wonderful Savior From Heaven Once Came, A
  94. Word of the Lord Is More Precious by Far, The
  1. If We Could See Beyond Today