Circa 1659–1707
Jeremiah Clark

Circa 1659.

December 1, 1707, London, England.

St. Gregory’s by St. Paul’s, London, England.


Clark studied music under a Dr. Blow, organist of Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal (William Croft was a fellow pupil). Clark composed a good deal of church music, and at least one popular anthem, Praise the Lord. He also wrote some operas and a cantata.

But at last a time came when poor Clark deserted the pleasant paths of music for the thorny by-ways of matrimony. Some say that his love was not returned, others that the lady on whom he set his affections was considered by her friends to be far too high in the social scale to marry a poor musician; but whatever the reason, as he was returning one day in 1707 from a friend’s house a fit of melancholy seized him, and, alighting from his horse, he went into a field to consider the most suitable way of putting a period to his troubles. The toss of a coin failed to decide him, as it came down on its edge and stuck in the clay, so he rode back home, and shortly after shot himself in the head with a screw pistol in St. Paul’s Churchyard.

Lightwood, p. 92–93

  1. Bishopthorpe
  2. Brockham
  3. Bromley
  4. King’s Norton
  5. St. Luke
  6. St. Magnus
  7. Tunbridge
  8. Uffingham