November 28, 1868, Newry, Ireland.

January 1, 1946, Johnson City, New York.

Floral Park Cemetery, Johnson City, New York.


Clements’ family emigrated to America in 1870, settling in Liberty, New York. He came to Christ in 1886 at services held by Dwight L. Moody at the First Baptist Church on Chenango Street, Binghamton, New York. Moody’s song leader, Daniel Towner, wrote the music for Clements’ first hymn, Man the Life-Boat. Clements went on to write more than 5,000 hymns, and became the first president of the Practical Bible Training School (now Davis College) in Lestershire (now Johnson City), New York, a position he held 17 years. His works include:

  1. Afar from God Thy Feet Have Strayed
  2. After the Strain of Battle
  3. Angels Are Waiting to Note What You Do
  4. Anywhere the Spirit Leads Me
  5. Are You Doing Your Duty the Best You Can?
  6. Are You Serving Jesus with Your Might?
  7. As the Serpent Was by Moses Lifted
  8. As the Sun Went Down
  9. Away with Our Fears, the Glad Morning Appears
  10. Be a Voice to Speak
  11. Be Not Afraid, Only Believe
  12. Bear the Tidings to My Mother
  13. Behold the Savior of Mankind
  14. Bells of Heaven Are Ringing Sweet, The
  15. Beyond Life’s Sea, Life’s Shoreless Sea
  16. Blades of Grass That Upward Start, The
  17. Blessed Message of Peace, That Is Ringing Today
  18. Bread That Bringeth Strength I Want to Give, The
  19. Burdens Heavy, The
  20. But for a Moment This Weight of Affliction
  21. Buy Up the Opportunity, O Christian
  22. By Faith I So Often See Mansions of Glory
  23. By Meadows Fair, Through Many a Glade
  24. Child of Mine, Give Me Thine Heart
  25. Child of Mine, I Will Be with Thee
  26. Chosen Hosts from Egypt Went, The
  27. Christ and Him Crucified
  28. Christ Is Come, the Lost Ones Seeking
  29. Close by Your Side Stands an Unseen Friend
  30. Come In, O Lord, Drive Out the Gloom
  31. Day Is Done, Its Tasks Are O’er, The
  32. Dear Lord at Our Hands
  33. Don’t You Hear the Savior Calling?
  34. Down from His Home of Light
  35. Down from Yon Cross Flows a River of Blood
  36. Draw Me Nearer, Blessed Savior
  37. Faith Has Opened Wide the Portals
  38. Fight the Fight of Faith
  39. For Christ and for the Church of Christ
  40. For Christ and the Church We Stand
  41. For God So Loved a Ruined Race
  42. For Mother’s Sake, My Boy, Say No
  43. Forward, Valiant Christians
  44. Free from Self, Lord, I Would Be
  45. Fullness of Power
  46. Future Is Calling for Service Sincere, The
  47. Gather We Here to Praise the Lord
  48. Gently Falls the Even Veil
  49. Give Me the Wings of Faith to Rise
  50. Glad Children’s Day Has Come Again
  51. God Give Us Homes!
  52. God of Life and God of Light
  53. God’s Word, as a Lamp to the Feet, Shines Bright
  54. Goodbye, We Say with Swelling Heart
  55. Grief and Pain Our Portion Here
  56. Hark to the Song of Sweet Voices on High
  57. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
  58. Head of Thy Church Triumphant
  59. Ho, Everyone That Thirsts, Draw Nigh
  60. Home of Endless Years, The
  61. How Good God Is
  62. How Sweet the Thought That When We Part
  63. How Sweet to Tell the Story
  64. How Vain Are All Things Here Below
  65. I Am Happy in the Love
  66. I Am Living on the Mountain Heights
  67. I Am So Glad in the Bible to See
  68. I Can Hear the Knocking Savior
  69. I Have a Cheering Song to Sing
  70. I Have a Loving Savior
  71. I Have a Pilot to Guide My Bark Safely
  72. I Have Found for My Feet
  73. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, Come unto Me and Rest
  74. I Joy and Rejoice That Tomorrow
  75. I Know a Name of Priceless Worth
  76. I Learned It in the Long Ago
  77. I Long to Behold Him Arrayed, with Glory
  78. I Love the Road That Leads to Light
  79. I Love to Steal Awhile Away
  80. I Met a Stranger Fair to See
  81. I Often in Dreaming
  82. I Put My Hand in the Master’s Hand
  83. I Will Praise and Adore the Redeemer Divine
  84. If Thou Shalt Confess
  85. I’ll Go Anywhere, My Savior
  86. I’m a Hallelujah Christian
  87. I’m Happy in the Love of Christ
  88. I’m Happy, So Happy in Jesus Today
  89. I’m Trusting in Jesus, No Harm Can Befall
  90. In All My Lord’s Appointed Ways
  91. In Joseph’s Tomb Lies Bound No More
  92. In That Day
  93. In the Darkened Shade of the Garden Trees
  94. In the Heaven of Blessing
  95. In the Name of the Savior, Gather in the Boys
  96. Is It Nothing to You That Heaven’s King
  97. Is the Day’s Load Heavy?
  98. I’ve Had a Glimpse of Jesus
  99. Jesu, Lover of My Soul
  100. Jesus Is Passing Along Today
  101. Jesus Is Waiting to Give You Today
  102. Jesus Leads
  103. Jesus of Nazareth, Healer of Men
  104. Jesus Only, Would I Know
  105. Jesus, the Name High Over All
  106. Jesus Is Coming as Yonder He Went
  107. Jesus of Nazareth, Healer of Men
  108. Junior, Happy Juniors Singing All the Day
  109. Just a Little Sunshine Song
  110. Just to Be Loving, Just to Be Strong
  111. Knock of the Nail-Piercèd Hand, The
  112. Lame Man Sat at the Beautiful Gate, A
  113. Life’s Pathway Grows Brighter as Onward I Go
  114. Like a Breath from the Hills
  115. List, to the Christ in Sweet Tones of Love
  116. Little Bird in Yonder Tree
  117. Lofty Pine That for Years Had, A
  118. Lord Hath Done Great Things for Me, The
  119. Lord, Help Me Encourage
  120. Lord, Is It I?
  121. Lord Is My Banner, to Battle I Go, The
  122. Lord, It Belongs Not to My Care
  123. Lord of Light Shall Give His Peace, The
  124. Lord, Send Us Forth
  125. Man the Life-Boat
  126. Many Souls Are Sinking in the Wreck Today
  127. May Thy Grace, Dear God, Be with Us
  128. Memory Paints a Picture Very Dear to Me
  129. Message Rings Adown, The
  130. ’Mid All the Stalwart Sons of Men
  131. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
  132. My Desire
  133. My Heart Breaks Forth
  134. My Heart’s in the Homeland
  135. My Song I Raise of Thee
  136. Near to the Savior Be Our Song
  137. Nearing the Gate with the Sun in the West
  138. No Night There
  139. No One Can Tell What Pleasures I See
  140. Not the Might of Long Drilled Warriors
  141. O I’m Glad I’ve Been Redeemed
  142. O the Dearest Name of All Is Jesus
  143. On the Still Ear of the Night
  144. On the Topmost Bough of a Graceful Tree
  145. On Yonder Hill of Calvary
  146. Onward, Ye Faithful Soldiers
  147. Out in the Darkness in Search of a Soul
  148. Out in the Market Place Idle Ones
  149. Out of the Ivory Palace He Came
  150. Over and Over a Message I Hear
  151. Paul, a Prisoner of Jesus
  152. Peasant of Nazareth Walked One Day, The
  153. Poor Soul, for Whom Christ Suffered
  154. Precious Souls Are Sinking in the Sea of Sin
  155. Present and Perfect Salvation Is Offered, A
  156. Rally to Our Standard in This Fight Today
  157. Read It Over Again to Me, the Promise
  158. Remember Christ by Galilee
  159. Repent, the Voice Celestial Cries
  160. Return, O Wanderer, Return
  161. Ring Bells of Heaven Sweet and Clear
  162. Royal Banner of the Cross, The
  163. Sailing Life’s Ocean Mid Breakers and Foam
  164. Savior’s Blood for Sin Was Spilt, The
  165. See Yon Soul That’s Sinking
  166. Service Is Our Watchword
  167. Since I Gave to Jesus His Rightful Place
  168. Sing a Cheerful Marching Song
  169. Somebody Did a Golden Deed
  170. Somebody Made a Loving Gift
  171. Somebody Needs Just the Song I Can Sing
  172. Someone Is Slighting the Savior of Men
  173. Song, a Song of Cheer, A
  174. Songs by Night
  175. Soul That Trusteth in Jehovah
  176. Souls All Around You Are Dying in Sin
  177. Speed Away: Speed Away: to the Strongholds of Sin
  178. Speed You, Christian Workers
  179. Tell Out the Glad Tidings
  180. Thank the Lord for Harvest Bounty
  181. That Beautiful Name
  182. There Are Bees in the Clover
  183. There Is a Path Where Pilgrims Fare
  184. There Is Need for Daniel Men
  185. There Is No Better Cure
  186. There Is One Mighty to Save You Today
  187. There Sat by the Beautiful Temple Gate
  188. There Will Be Rest for My Weary Heart
  189. There’ll Be No Shadows in Glory Land
  190. There’s a Brook in the Evergreen Pastures of God
  191. There’s a Place in the Mansions
  192. There’s a Song in Heaven They Sing
  193. There’s a Time to Labor
  194. There’s a Voice in Sin’s Wilderness
  195. There’s No Time to Work for Jesus
  196. These Bodies of Ours Are the Temples
  197. Though as Pilgrims Here We Tarry
  198. Though Clouds Like Night Hang Over
  199. ’Tis Children’s Day, All Hearts
  200. Trusting for Strength in Christ Jesus the Lord
  201. Vain Man, Thy Fond Pursuits Forbear
  202. Voice Is Sweetly Singing Its Message, A
  203. We Are Going Forth to the World’s Great Field
  204. We Bow Our Heads Before Thee, Lord
  205. We Must Face the Foe Today
  206. We Salute Thee, O God of the Sunrise
  207. We’ll Raise Today Sweet Songs of Joy
  208. We’ll Sing the News of Jesus’ Birth
  209. We’re Banded Now Together in Christian Endeavor
  210. What Are Those Wounds in Thine Hands I See?
  211. What Is That in Thine Hand?
  212. When I Cross the Mystic
  213. When I Hear the Trumpet Sounding
  214. When I Pass Through the Portals
  215. When My Feet Have Been Torn
  216. When the Day-dawn Bringeth a Trouble Sore
  217. When the Evening Shadows Kiss the West
  218. When You Spoke to the Sinner
  219. Where Do You Stand Tonight?
  220. Who Died for Me on Calvary’s Tree?
  221. Whom Jesus’ Blood Doth Sanctify
  222. Why Need a Doubt O’ercloud
  223. With His Own Hand God Wipes Our Tears
  224. Would You Leave the Way of Sin?
  225. Would You Rescue the Wrecked?
  226. Ye Neighbors and Friends of Jesus, Draw Near