April 14, 1782, Blackheath Hill, Kent, England.

January 8, 1854, Peckham, Camberwell, Surrey, England.

Originally at Hanover Chapel, Brighton, England. Reinterred in Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, Southwark, London.

At age 16, Collyer began studying for the ministry at Homerton College. Four years later, he began his ministry at Peckham, and in 1801, was ordained pastor of a small church of 10 communicants. From 1814-26, he was also pastor of a church meeting in Salter’s Hall. On June 17, 1817, a new chapel was opened for him at Peckham, where he served the rest of his life. His works include:

  1. Angels That Watched Round the Tomb, The
  2. Angels Watched over the Tomb, The
  3. Another Fleeting Day Is Gone
  4. Assembled at Thy Great Command
  5. By the Thoughtless World Derided
  6. Cease, Ye Mourners, Cease to Languish
  7. Daughter of Anguish, Child of Woe
  8. Dawning Day at Length Appears, The
  9. Day Is Far Spent, The
  10. Deign This Union to Approve
  11. Faith I Need, O Lord, Bestow It
  12. Father of Mercies, God of Love
  13. Father of the Human Race
  14. From His Low Bed of Mortal Dust
  15. Great God, What Do I See and Hear?
  16. Happy the Christian Family
  17. Hark! Hark, He Comes!
  18. Haste, Traveler, Haste!
  19. High on the Mount the Savior Stands
  20. I Leave the World with Willing Feet
  21. I Soon Shall Accomplish My Race
  22. It Is the Voice of Love Divine
  23. Jesus, Thou Shepherd of the Sheep
  24. Lord, in This Dark, This Awful Hour
  25. Morning Breaks upon the Tomb
  26. Night Shall Hear Me Raise My Song, The
  27. O Jesu, in This Solemn Hour
  28. O Thou, The Helpless Orphan’s Hope
  29. O Thou Whose Beams Serenely Bright
  30. On Tabor’s Top the Savior Stands
  31. Return, O Wanderer, Return
  32. Round the Awful Tomb We Stand
  33. Saints for Whom the Savior Bled
  34. See the Clouds upon the Mountains
  35. Soft Be the Gently Breathing Notes
  36. That Solemn Hour Will Surely Come
  37. Think, O Ye, Who Fondly Languish
  38. Thou Prince of Glory, Slain for Me
  39. To the Cross Where Jesus Dies
  40. United Prayers Ascend to Thee
  41. When Bending o’er the Brink of Life
  42. When Dreadful o’er a Mourning Land
  43. When I Tread the Mortal Vale
  44. When on the Brink of Death
  45. Ye Saints, Assist Me in My Song
  46. Young Men Exhort, the Apostle Said
  1. Great God, When I Approach Thy Throne