June 14, 1837, Bris­tol, Eng­land.

Sep­tem­ber 9, 1898, Ched­dar, Ax­bridge, So­mer­set, Eng­land.

St. An­drew’s Church, Ched­dar, So­mer­set, Eng­land.


Dix’ fa­ther, a sur­geon, wrote a bi­o­gra­phy of po­et Tho­mas Chat­ter­ton, and gave his son his mid­dle name in his hon­or.

Will­iam at­tend­ed the Bris­tol Gram­mar School. Lat­er, he man­aged a ma­rine in­sur­ance com­pa­ny in Glas­gow, Scot­land, but his heart was in the po­et­ry of wor­ship.

He wrote more than 40 hymns dur­ing his life.

His works in­clude:

  1. Alleluia! Sing to Je­sus!
  2. As with Glad­ness, Men of Old
  3. Beauteous Are the Flow­ers of Earth
  4. Bridegroom Com­ing at Mid­night, The
  5. Christians, Ca­rol Sweet­ly
  6. Come un­to Me, Ye Wea­ry
  7. Cross Is on Thy Brow, The
  8. Easter Stan­zas
  9. First Came the Hour of Pray­er
  10. How Long, O Lord?
  11. In Our Work and in Our Play
  12. In the Hol­low of Thine Hand
  13. Jesu, Si­on’s King, We Greet Thee
  14. Joy Fills Our In­most Hearts To­day!
  15. Judgment at the Door
  16. Lift Up Your Songs, Ye Ang­el Choirs
  17. Lift Up Your Songs, Ye Thank­ful
  18. Like Sil­ver Lamps in a Dis­tant Shrine
  19. Now in Num­bers Soft­ly Flow­ing
  20. Now, My Soul, Re­hearse the Sto­ry
  21. Now, O Fa­ther, We Adore Thee
  22. O Christ, Thou Son of Ma­ry
  23. O Cross Which On­ly Canst Al­lay
  24. O Thou, the Eter­nal Son of God
  25. On the Wa­ters Dark and Drear
  26. Only One Pray­er To­day
  27. Prophecy and the Ful­fill­ment, The
  28. Sitting at Re­ceipt of Cus­tom
  29. Song of the First Christ­mas Night, A
  30. Stars Above Our Head, The
  31. To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise
  32. Way of Sor­rows, The
  33. What Child Is This?
  34. When the Shades of Night Are Fall­ing
  35. Within the Tem­ple’s Hal­lowed Courts
  1. As Those Who Seek the Break of Day
  2. Bend to Our Hymns, Re­deem­er
  3. Wonder Work­ing Mas­ter, The

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