Feb­ru­ary 3, 1832, Pres­ton, Con­nec­ti­cut.

De­cem­ber 23, 1915, South Or­ange, New Jer­sey. Doane was liv­ing in Watch Hill, Rhode Is­land, at the time of his death.

Spring Grove Cem­e­tery, Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio.


Howard was the son of Jo­seph Howes Doane and Fran­ces Treat, and hus­band of Fran­ces Ma­ry Treat.

A gift­ed mu­si­cian, he helped di­rect mu­sic while at­tend­ing the Wood­stock Acad­e­my; with­in two years he had pub­lished his first com­po­si­tion. He called mu­sic his avo­ca­tion, but he pro­duced over 2,000 hymn tunes in his life­time.

His main trade was se­cu­lar: He was pre­si­dent of the J. A. Fay wood­work­ing ma­chin­e­ry com­pa­ny, and an ex­trem­ely suc­cessful bus­iness­man.

He al­so served as Sun­day School su­per­in­tend­ent and choir di­rec­tor at the Mount Au­burn Bap­tist Church in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, and be­queathed large sums to var­i­ous caus­es. The Doane Me­mor­i­al Mu­sic Build­ing at the Mo­ody Bi­ble In­sti­tute in Chi­c­ago, Il­li­nois, was named af­ter him. His works in­clude:

  1. All-Seeing Eye, The
  2. Christ Was Born in Beth­le­hem
  3. Deeper Love
  4. Feast of Bless­ing
  5. Like a Bird to Thee
  6. No One Knows but Je­sus
  7. Pray for the Bless­ing
  8. Sounding the Watch-Cry
  9. When We All Get Home to Glo­ry
  1. Adoration
  2. Alstyne
  3. Any One Here?
  4. Avalon
  5. Badajoz
  6. Baton Rouge
  7. Beautiful Vale of Rest
  8. Beautiful Wit­ness
  9. Benjamin
  10. Bethesda Is Op­en
  11. Birkenhead
  12. Bless This Hour of Pray­er
  13. Blessèd Are They That Be­lieve
  14. Blessèd Feast, The
  15. Blessèd King of Ju­dah
  16. Children May Come, The
  17. Children Sing
  18. Choose Ye To­day
  19. Christian Bro­ther, o’er the Main
  20. Christmas Car­ol (Di­a­dem)
  21. Church of Christ, O Sleep No More
  22. City of Gold
  23. Cling to the Bi­ble
  24. Clinging to Je­sus
  25. Colby
  26. Come, Great De­liv­er­er, Come!
  27. Coming, Yes, We’re Com­ing
  28. Covington
  29. Cross of Je­sus
  30. Cry of the Wea­ry, The
  31. Dalmatia
  32. Dear Sab­bath Home
  33. Dew of Mer­cy
  34. Do All the Good You Can
  35. Doane
  36. Donau
  37. Donora
  38. Durban
  39. Evangel
  40. Faith in Je­sus
  41. Few More March­ings Wea­ry, A
  42. First Com­mand­ment
  43. Fly to the Ark of Rest
  44. Glory, Glo­ry
  45. Good Old Way, The
  46. Good Shep­herd, The
  47. Gospel Trum­pet, The
  48. Guard the Bi­ble Well
  49. Haiti
  50. Hand in Hand
  51. Hark! There Comes a Whis­per
  52. He Gave His Life for Thee
  53. Heaven Is Mine
  54. Help Us to La­bor On
  55. Hide Me
  56. Hillsboro
  57. His Words Are True
  58. Hour by Hour
  59. I Am An­chored Safe
  60. I Am Thine, O Lord
  61. I Will Go and Tell My Sav­ior
  62. I Will Pray
  63. If Any Man Hear
  64. If I Come to Je­sus
  65. If the Sav­ior Jour­ney with Me
  66. Into the Depths of the Sea
  67. Is It Noth­ing to Thee?
  68. Is It There?
  69. Istanbul
  70. Jacob’s Dream
  71. Jesus Calls Thee
  72. Jesus Is Pass­ing This Way
  73. Jesus the Way
  74. Jesus, Thy Name I Love
  75. Keep Me Whol­ly Thine
  76. King of Zi­on
  77. La Ro­chelle
  78. Labor On
  79. Lay It Down
  80. Let Your Light Shine Out
  81. Lion of Ju­dah, The
  82. Little Talk with Je­sus, A
  83. Make Me a Bless­ing To­day
  84. Marching On to Zi­on
  85. Mardin
  86. Midlane
  87. More and More I Need Thee
  88. More Like Je­sus
  89. More Love to Thee, O Christ
  90. Mother’s Good­bye, The
  91. Mount Me­ra­pi
  92. My Pre­cious Bi­ble
  93. Near the Cross
  94. Never Will I Cease to Love Him
  95. No Tears in Hea­ven
  96. Northumberland
  97. O Come, Sin­ner, Come
  98. On the Wings of the Morn
  99. One Bless­èd Hour with Je­sus
  100. Only a Lit­tle Way
  101. Only a Step
  102. Only One Name
  103. Only Thee
  104. Only Thy Gar­ment’s Hem
  105. Our Bet­ter Home Be­yond
  106. Our Fes­tive Song
  107. Our Home Bright and Fair
  108. Out of Bond­age
  109. Pardon at the Cross
  110. Pass Me Not, O Gen­tle Sav­ior
  111. Pilgrim’s Jour­ney, The
  112. Precious Name
  113. Preston
  114. Prodigal Child, The
  115. Pure With­in
  116. Red Oak
  117. Rescue
  118. Rest in Je­sus
  119. Rest over Jor­dan
  120. Revival
  121. Rimini
  122. Richmond Park
  123. Sacred Foun­tain
  124. Safe in the Arms of Je­sus
  125. Saved by the Blood
  126. Savior, More Than Life
  127. Scatter Kind Words All Around You
  128. Sentinel up­on the Heights
  129. Shelter of God’s Love, The
  130. Sheltering Rock, The
  131. Some Sweet Day, By and By
  132. Soul’s Bright Land Above, The
  133. Sound the Alarm!
  134. Speed for Thy Life
  135. Stand by the Right
  136. Stand on the Rock
  137. Sweet Voice, The
  138. Tell It to Je­sus
  139. Tell It with Joy
  140. Tell Me the Old, Old Sto­ry
  141. There Is Peace
  142. There’s a Pro­mise from the Lord
  143. There’s an Hour That Comes
  144. There’s Life at the Op­en Door
  145. They That Ov­er­come
  146. This I Know
  147. Though Your Sins Be as Scar­let
  148. Till the Sav­ior Comes
  149. ’Tis Not Far to Je­sus
  150. ’Tis the Bless­èd Hour of Pray­er
  151. To God Be the Glo­ry
  152. To Je­sus I Will Go
  153. To the Work
  154. Too Late
  155. Tread Soft­ly
  156. Tried and True
  157. Trust in the Pro­mise
  158. Trusting Je­sus
  159. Tryst
  160. ’Twill Not Be Long
  161. Two Com­mand­ments, The
  162. Valparaíso
  163. Viens, Âme Per­due!
  164. Vision
  165. We All Can Do Some­thing for Je­sus
  166. We Praise Thee
  167. Welcome Hour of Pray­er
  168. We’ll Bat­tle to the End
  169. We’ll Give Our Hearts to Je­sus
  170. What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?
  171. When the Bur­den Bear­er Came
  172. Who’ll Be Sow­ing?
  173. Why Do the Ho­ly An­gels Sing?
  174. Will Je­sus Find Us Watch­ing?
  175. Will You Come to the Cross?
  176. Yale