March 5, 1851, Theta, Tennessee.

November 9, 1928, Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tennessee.


Dortch was teaching music in Maury, Tennessee, in 1880, and was working as an evangelist by 1886. His works include:

  1. My Purposes
  2. Whosoever Will, May Come
  3. Hear the Invitation, One and All
  4. I Have Watched the Sheep Astray
  5. On the Gospel Ship We Are Sailing
  6. Turned Away from the Beautiful Gate
  1. Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh, The
  2. I Am Resting in the Savior’s Love
  3. Jubilee, The
  4. Shall I Meet You Up There?
  5. Sing Aloud with Gladness
  6. Under the Shadow of the Cross
  7. What Shall Our Answers Be?