July 14, 1879, Nassau, Bahamas.

October 27, 1930, Asbury Park, New Jersey, after an accident paralyzed him.

Pine Lawn Memorial Park, East Farmingdale, New York.


Orphaned as an infant, Farrington was sent to Baltimore, Maryland, and learned his family name only years later after meeting relatives at school in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He studied at Dickinson Seminary, Syracuse University (playing football and basketball there, graduating in 1907), Boston University, and Harvard University. In World War I, he served as athletic director for French troops, for which he received the Brevet du Cuirassiers de 1ère Classe Honoraire. He was later ordained a Methodist minister, pastoring at churches in New York and New England. From 1920–23, he was pastor of the Grace Methodist Church in New York City; he then became education director for the Methodist Church Welfare League. His works include about 30 hymns.

  1. Dear Lord, Who Sought at Dawn of Day
  2. I Know Not How That Bethlehem’s Babe
  3. O God, Creator, in Whose Hand
  4. Our Father Made the Lovely Earth
  5. Storm God of Stern Sinai’s Hill, The
  6. Strong, Righteous Man of Galilee
  7. World Came to My Home, The