July 15, 1860, Paris, Illinois.

September 17, 1952, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Spring Grove Cemetery, Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio.


Charles was the son of Disciples of Christ minister Augustus Damon Fillmore and Hannah Maria Lockwood, and brother of James and Frederick Fillmore.

He won a music scholarship at the Cin­cin­na­ti College of Music, then taught for a year at Bath Seminary in Owingsville, Kentucky.

He then traveled for about a year and taught singing classes in various parts of America. Afterward, he took additional music studies in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio. He studied for the ministry at Butler Un­i­ver­si­ty in Indianapolis, Indiana, graduating in 1890.

He pastored in Lafayette, Indiana; Shelbyville, Indiana; was State Evangelist (for one year) in Ogden, Utah; Peru, Indiana; Carthage, Ohio; and Hillside Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. He was one of the editors of the temperance paper Clean Politics, and of The Musical Messenger. He wrote several hundred Gospel songs in his lifetime.

  1. Abide in Me, True and Living Vine
  2. Are You Ready for the Judgment Day?
  3. Are You Serving Christ the Lord?
  4. Behold, I Stand at Your Door and Knock
  5. Behold the Birds That Fly
  6. Brighter Days Are Coming
  7. Father, While We Come to Thee
  8. Following Jesus Day by Day
  9. Go with Me to Gethsemane
  10. God Has Given You Talents, My Brother
  11. God Is Love the Gentle Breeze
  12. God, We Know, Will Surely Hear Little Children
  13. Gospel Feast Is Spread, The
  14. Have You Heard the Olden Story?
  15. Help Us, O Lord, to Trust in Thee
  16. I Am Dreaming Tonight of the Days Gone By
  17. I Love Thine Every Hill and Vale
  18. I Was Glad and My Heart Did Rejoice
  19. I Will
  20. In the Vineyard of the Master
  21. I’ve Read of a Wonderful Land
  22. Jesus Is a Loving Shepherd, I Am His Lamb
  23. Jesus Is Calling
  24. Lord Is My Shepherd, No Want Shall I Fear, The
  25. Love of My Heart, Entire Not in Part, The
  26. Make Some Other Heart Rejoice
  27. Mother Dear, I’ve Been Thinking Much of You Today
  28. Mother, Praying for Your Wayward Boy
  29. My Jesus, I Love Thee, My Love Thou Dost Ask
  30. My Savior
  31. Now Is the Time to Accept the Lord
  32. Remember Thee, Can I Forget
  33. Remember Thy Creator
  34. Ring the Christmas Bells Again
  35. Since I Have Found the Savior
  36. Sowing the Seed by Night and by Day
  37. Suffer the Children to Come to Me
  38. Tell Mother I’ll Be There
  39. There Is a Way, a Narrow Way
  40. This World Has Many Burdened Souls
  41. This World Is Full of Pretty Flowers
  42. Time Ordained of God, The
  43. We Are Volunteers in a Youthful Band
  44. We Have Taken Christ Jesus as Master and Lord
  45. We Need Thy Presence, Lord
  46. We’re in a Fight We Know Is Right
  47. What a Stream of Crime and Woe
  48. What Is the Song of the Heavenly Host?
  49. When I Awaken in the Morning
  50. When the Foes Oppressed God’s People
  51. When Thy Burden Is Too Great to Bear
  52. Whose Was the Name by the Prophets Foretold?
  53. You Are Writing Your Own Book of Life