Early 20th Century
  1. Beautiful
  2. Across Life’s Wide, Uneven Plain
  3. Are You Waiting at the Station
  4. As Fades the Sunlight from the Clouds
  5. Beside Life’s Way
  6. Beyond the Threatening Clouds That Roll
  7. Blessed Savior, Ever Keep Me
  8. Can I Forget Thee?
  9. Far Beyond This Land of Sorrow, Lie the Fields
  10. Fear Not, He Said, Ye Weary Ones
  11. From the Mystic World above Us
  12. Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calls Me from This World
  13. How Shall We Know the Way
  14. I ask Thee Not, Dear Lord
  15. I Can Feel the Cold Waters Around Me
  16. I Can See the Lights Agleaming in the City
  17. I Soon Shall Reach That Happy Place
  18. I Thank Thee, Lord, for Life and Light
  19. I’m Going to a City Whose Streets
  20. In Doubt and Fear
  21. In Jesus Put Your Trust
  22. In the Hour of Pain and Grief
  23. In Thy Righteousness, Dear Savior
  24. I’ve Often Heard the Story Told
  25. Jesus Hath My Sins Forgiven
  26. Jesus in Pity Look on Me
  27. Jesus Is Calling My Spirit Away
  28. Jesus Is Calling Poor Wanderers Home
  29. Jesus Is Calling the Wanderers Home
  30. Let Jesus Come into Your Heart
  31. Light Thou My Way
  32. Lord My Faithful Shepherd Is, The
  33. Lost Are the Chums
  34. Many Souls Along the Line
  35. Mid Fair Scenes of Joy
  36. My Soul O’erflows with Joy and Peace
  37. My Soul with Gladness Overflows
  38. Night Draws Near, the Evening Star, The
  39. Now Gird the Christian’s Armor On
  40. O Heaven Sweet Heaven My Soul Longs to Fly
  41. O Holy New Jerusalem Your Walls
  42. O Sing with Me My Maker’s Praise
  43. O Wondrous Love to Bleed and Die
  44. Over Life’s Stormy Sea
  45. Praise God for All His Love to Me
  46. Praise the Lord, O, Pilgrim Weary
  47. Remember Me, O God of Truth, Whom Heaven
  48. Sacred Star Shine on Us from Heaven’s Blue
  49. See the Yellow Harvest Ripening
  50. Soon Death Alike Must Come to All
  51. Spirit Footsteps, Linger Near Me
  52. There Is a City Built of God
  53. There Is Rest for the Weary Above
  54. Though to Earth Utmost Bounds I Roam
  55. Travelers on Time’s Ocean
  56. ’Twas in Unrest, I’d Tarried Long
  57. Voice from Lands Across the Sea, A
  58. Walk Close to the Master
  59. We Saw Him Laid Within the Tomb
  60. We’re Nearing the Gates of the City So Fair
  61. What Wondrous Love That Jesus Came
  62. When Tempests o’er Your Pathway
  63. When the Cares of the Day Are All Over
  64. When Weary Here of Fruitless Toil
  65. While Traveling Through Desert Bleak and Drear
  66. While Traveling Through Time’s Desert Bleak
  67. With Longing I Look to the City Afar
  68. Ye Who Would Know the Savior’s Love