19th Century

Currently, our only data on Foster is that he was a minister.

  1. All the Nations Are Ready and Waiting
  2. Along the Rugged Paths
  3. Asking, in Jesus, That Wonderful Name
  4. Be Not Deceived by the Offers of Sin
  5. Beautiful Season, So Fresh and So Fair
  6. Bethesda of Mercy, Thou Fountain for Sin
  7. Blood of the Savior for Sinners Washed, The
  8. Breathe Thy Blessing Heavenly Father
  9. Little Feet Were Made to Walk
  10. By Confessing We Are Sinners
  11. Come to the Blessed Redeemer
  12. Come unto Me, the Dear Savior Has Said
  13. Come, When the Morn Is Breaking
  14. Come While the Savior Invites You
  15. Come, Ye Happy Children, Sing the Savior’s Praises
  16. Countersign, The
  17. Day of Christ Is Coming On, The
  18. Fear Not, Thou Child
  19. From the Harvest Field There’s a Blessed Yield
  20. Hail to the Coming Unknown Chief
  21. Help Me, Jesus, Day by Day
  22. How Much Do You Owe?
  23. I Am Thine, O Lord, from This Moment Thine
  24. I Am Working on the Palace
  25. I Came to the Fountain Where Purity Flows
  26. I Read by the Dawn of the Morning
  27. I Will Love Thee, O My Savior
  28. I’ll Go, for the Master Is Calling
  29. I’ll Sing of the Story
  30. In the Life Book of Love
  31. In the Study of the Word
  32. Into the Fountain of Cleansing We Go
  33. Jesus Has Wonderful Riches of Grace
  34. Jesus, I Pray, Guide Me Today
  35. Jesus, Keep Me Every Day
  36. Jesus Looks Down from His Throne in the Sky
  37. Keep Me, Savior, Day by Day
  38. Let All the World with One Accord
  39. Let the Day When the Call of the Master
  40. Let the Harps of Zion Ring
  41. Little Feet Were Made to Walk
  42. Lord Is My Banner, The
  43. Lord Is Our King, Let Us Rejoice in Him, The
  44. My Heart Has Been Sighing
  45. Now Is the Harvest Time
  46. O Jesus, in Thy Wondrous Name
  47. O My Savior, Thou Hast Washed Me
  48. O Ye Who Are Reaping in Life’s Golden Grain
  49. Once the Blessed, Loving Jesus
  50. Onward the Children Are Marching
  51. Our Wonderful King!
  52. Remember the Sabbath
  53. Sing on the Way to Zion
  54. Sing to the Lord in Sweetest Lays
  55. Star of Morn
  56. Suffer Little Children, So the Master Said
  57. Sweet Was the Morn When the Angels of Glory
  58. Tell to the Nations the Tidings of Old
  59. There’s a Little Bird’s Nest
  60. ’Tis Wonderful Love That My Savior Bestows
  61. Voice Divine Is Calling, The
  62. Wake, Little Children, Awake
  63. Wave Is Rolling o’er the Land, A
  64. We Are Gaining in the Conflict
  65. We Are Going
  66. We Are Little, Weak, and Poor
  67. We Must Work in the Vineyard Below
  68. We Sing Along the Way
  69. We Soon Shall See the Unseen Land
  70. Whatsoever Things Were Spoken
  71. When Weary and Fainting
  72. Which Road Are You Going, My Brother?
  73. Witnessing Spirit
  74. World Is Growing Better, The