1830, Bally (near Sligo), Ireland.

January 24, 1896, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.


Son of a police inspector, Frazer came to Christ at a revival meeting in Dublin led by evangelist Grattan Guiness. Employed at a Dublin bank, Frazer worked at evangelism on the side. He eventually left banking to devote full time to evangelistic work. His hymns appeared in Midnight Praises, Day-Dawn Praises, and The Day-Spring.

  1. Abba, Father, We Who Know Thee
  2. Come, Hear the Gospel Sound
  3. Down to the Depths of Woe
  4. God Our Father, We Adore Thee
  5. I Praise, I Bless the Lamb
  6. O Blessed, Living Lord
  7. O God of Grace
  8. O Lord, Our Hearts Are Waiting
  9. On That Same Night
  10. Sinner, the Message to You
  11. That Bright and Blessed Morn Is Near
  12. Throne of Grace Surrounding, The
  13. This Do, Remember Me
  14. Thou Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  15. What Rich Eternal Bursts of Praise
  16. What Still Small Voice Is That I Hear?