19th Century
  1. Cling Closer to Jesus
  2. All Our Loved Ones Are Passing Away
  3. Bound to Canaan’s Land of Glory
  4. By the Wayside as We Go
  5. Children of Jesus, Be Steadfast
  6. Christian Soldier, into Line
  7. Come Sing Me the Story
  8. Dear and Loving Savior
  9. Father of Mercies, Bless Our Cause
  10. Forward Press Thy Conqu’ring Way
  11. Forward, Soldiers, Storm the Ramparts
  12. Gates of the Beautiful
  13. Gather, Ye Freemen All
  14. God Bless the Little Ones at Home
  15. God Speed the Day When All Mankind
  16. Have You Ever Heard the Story?
  17. How Many a Household with Sadness
  18. I Dream Tonight of Home So Bright
  19. Jesus Hears Each Word We Say
  20. Jesus, I Cling to Thee, Fountain of Life
  21. Jesus Leads Us All the Way!
  22. Jesus Lives, Awake the Strain
  23. Jesus, Mighty Prince of Glory
  24. Jesus, Our Lord, in a Manger Was Born
  25. Jesus Rules and Reigns Above
  26. Journeying on to Canaan
  27. Land of Promise, Over Yonder
  28. Leave Them Not, O Gentle Savior
  29. Little Children One and All
  30. Long the World Has Slept Unheeding
  31. Lord, Thou Hast Made Thyself to Me
  32. Many a Little One Wanders
  33. Near the Cross of Jesus
  34. Now We Wander Where the Shadows
  35. Now’s the Time, Be Up and Doing
  36. O Must We Leave the Old Home?
  37. Oh, the Old Folks Would Be Happy
  38. Only Thro’ Thee, Lord, We Gather
  39. Open Your Heart to Jesus
  40. Our Boat Is Launched upon the Tide
  41. Our Song Is Still of Jesus
  42. Out From the Campfire’s Red Glowing
  43. Out the Sea ’Mid Stormy Gales
  44. Over the Waters of Life Now We Sail
  45. Reaping Time Comes When the Fields Are White
  46. Sailing o’er Life’s Ocean
  47. See Thy Savior’s Gentle Face
  48. Shadow of a Mighty Rock!
  49. Slaves or Freemen
  50. Softly Down the Valley
  51. Some Sweet Day
  52. Speak to the Children, Tell Them in Song
  53. Standing on the Mighty Rock
  54. Sweetly Sing the Story Olden
  55. Take Up Your Cross of Sorrow
  56. There Is a Beautiful Story
  57. There Lies a Fair and Golden Land
  58. There’s a Tree Ever Blooming and Fair
  59. They Are Coming to the Cross
  60. Tho’ We Grow Ever So Weary
  61. Thou Art Ever By Our Side
  62. ’Tis By the Aid of Jesus
  63. ’Tis the Cross of Jesus
  64. ’Tis the Cross of Jesus, to It We Will Cling
  65. ’Tis the Glorious Day of Days
  66. Up to the Evergreen Hills
  67. Upward or Downward, Which Shall It Be?
  68. Watch and Pray, Ye Know Not When Jesus Comes
  69. We Are as Lambs Without
  70. We Are Soldiers in the Cause
  71. We Shall Reach the Golden Strand
  72. When You See a Fellow Creature
  73. Word of God, Thy Light Shall Guide Us
  74. Ye Like Lost Sheep That Have Wandered Astray
  75. Yes, ’Tis the Work of Jesus
  76. Yield Not to the Tempter