March 2, 1892, San Francisco, California.

Jean Howard.


Gabriel was living with his parents in Cook County, Illinois, in 1910. He was still there in 1920 with his wife Ethel. In 1926, he was musical director and announcer for radio station KLX in Oakland, California. By 1930, he and his wife were in Los Angeles County, California.

The January 30, 1926 issue of Colliers magazine said of him:

Gabe has experienced all those changes which the Fates deem necessary to broaden one’s views. He has taught music in the Indianapolis [Indiana] and Northwestern Conservatories; edited mechanical and automobile magazines; traveled with Billy Sunday; been a newspaper reporter; rewrite man; music editor and book reviewer. In his spare time he has managed to produce eight hundred compositions which have been printed. He first became interested in radio when he was appointed director of WGN in Chicago [Illinois].

  1. He Loves Me
  2. In His Presence
  3. Meramec
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Risen! Hallelujah!
  6. When Jesus Speaks