Bill Gaither

March 28, 1936, Al­ex­an­dria, In­di­a­na.

Bill is the son of George and Le­la Gai­ther, and hus­band of Glo­ria Gai­ther.

He was ed­u­cated at An­der­son Col­lege, In­di­a­na, and taught for a time be­fore start­ing a full time Gos­pel mu­sic ca­reer.

  1. All My Hopes
  2. All the Glo­ry Belongs to Je­sus
  3. All the Time
  4. As Flows the Ri­ver
  5. Because He Lives
  6. Bethlehem, Gal­i­lee, Geth­se­ma­ne
  7. Between the Cross and Hea­ven
  8. Born Again
  9. Can’t Stop Talk­ing About Him
  10. Center of My Joy
  11. Child You’re For­giv­en
  12. Come All Ye Child­ren
  13. Come Away, My Love
  14. Come, Ho­ly Spir­it
  15. Created in His Im­age
  16. Difference Is in Me, The
  17. Dream On
  18. Even So Lord Je­sus, Come
  19. Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard
  20. Family of God
  21. Feeling at Home in the Pre­sence of Je­sus
  22. Free to Go Home
  23. Gentle Shep­herd
  24. Get All Ex­cit­ed
  25. Go Ask
  26. God Loves to Talk to Lit­tle Boys While They’re Fish­ing
  27. Going Home
  28. Happiness
  29. He Filled My Life with Ec­sta­sy
  30. He Start­ed the Whole World Sing­ing
  31. He Touched Me
  32. Heavens De­clare the Glo­ry of God, The
  33. He’s Still the King of Kings
  34. His Will
  35. Home of Your Dreams
  36. Hope
  37. I Am Loved
  38. I Be­lieve in a Hill Called Mount Cal­va­ry
  39. I Be­lieve It
  40. I Be­lieve What the Bi­ble Says
  41. I Came to Praise the Lord
  42. I Do Be­lieve
  43. I Heard It First on the Ra­dio
  44. I Just Can’t Make It by My­self
  45. I Just Feel Like Some­thing Good Is About to Hap­pen
  46. I Lost It All to Find Ev­ery­thing
  47. I Pledge My Al­le­giance
  48. I Will Go On
  49. I Will Serve Thee
  50. If It Keeps Get­tin’ Bet­ter
  51. I’ll Meet You on the Moun­tain
  52. I’ll Walk in­to That Sun­set
  53. I’ll Wor­ship On­ly at the Feet of Je­sus
  54. I’m Al­most Home
  55. I’m Free
  56. I’m Gon­na Sing
  57. I’m So Glad I Found an Al­tar of Pray­er
  58. In the Up­per Room
  59. It Is Fin­ished
  60. It Keeps Get­ting Bet­ter and Bet­ter
  61. It Will Be Worth It All
  62. It Won’t Rain Al­ways
  63. It’s Just Like My Lord
  64. It’s No Won­der
  65. I’ve Been on the Moun­tain
  66. I’ve Been to Cal­va­ry
  67. Jesus
  68. Jesus and John Wayne
  69. Jesus, I Be­lieve What You Said About Hea­ven
  70. Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House
  71. Jesus Is Lord of All
  72. Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You
  73. Joy Comes in the Morn­ing
  74. Just Be­cause of You
  75. King Is Com­ing, The
  76. King of Kings
  77. Let Free­dom Ring
  78. Let’s Just Praise the Lord
  79. Little Bit of Sun­shine, A
  80. Longer I Serve Him, The
  81. Look Up
  82. Lovest Thou Me?
  83. Loving God Lov­ing Each Oth­er
  84. More of You
  85. More Than Ev­er
  86. My Faith Still Holds
  87. My Fa­ther’s An­gels
  88. Next Time We Meet
  89. Old Rug­ged Cross Made the Dif­fer­ence, The
  90. Ole Bro­ther Jo­nah
  91. On the Au­thor­i­ty
  92. Out of Bond­age
  93. Peace Shall Come
  94. Praise Be to Je­sus
  95. Praise for the Lord
  96. Praise You
  97. Reaching
  98. Redeeming Love
  99. Resurrection
  100. Right Place Right Time
  101. Seek and Ye Shall Find
  102. Since Je­sus Passed By
  103. Sinner Saved by Grace
  104. Some Things I Must Tell the Child­ren
  105. Something Beau­ti­ful
  106. Something Hap­pened to Dad­dy
  107. Something Worth Liv­ing For
  108. Songs That An­swer Quest­ions
  109. Tell Me
  110. Thanks to Cal­va­ry
  111. That Re­sur­rect­ion Morn
  112. That’s Worth Ev­ery­thing
  113. Then Came the Morn­ing
  114. Then He Bowed His Head and Died
  115. Then He Said Sing
  116. There’s Al­ways a Place at the Ta­ble
  117. There’s Some­thing About That Name
  118. These Are They
  119. Think on the Good Things
  120. This Could Be the Dawn­ing of That Day
  121. This Is the Time I Must Sing
  122. This Same Je­sus
  123. Two Pray­ers
  124. Until the Day Breaks
  125. We Are Per­suad­ed
  126. We Are So Blessed
  127. We Have This Mo­ment To­day
  128. We’ll Be There
  129. What Did You Say Was the Ba­by’s Name?
  130. When God Seems So Near
  131. When I Prayed Through
  132. When Je­sus Breaks the Morn­ing
  133. When the Rains Come
  134. Whenever We Agree To­ge­ther
  135. Why Should I Wor­ry?
  136. World Didn’t Give It to Me, The
  137. Worthy the Lamb