Born: Sep­tem­ber 15, 1958, La­Grange, Il­li­nois.


Gentry lives in the north­west Unit­ed States, and has been writ­ing songs since 1985, but on­ly recent­ly branched in­to Praise and Worship, which he con­tin­ues to re­fine and devfines his style as Pop/Praise.

His song­writ­ing with his band Az­i­muth has re­ceived ra­dio air play through­out Am­er­i­ca and ma­ny oth­er coun­tries. In his spare time, he runs mar­a­thons and writes na­tion­al ma­ga­zine/news­pa­per ar­ti­cles.

In Ap­ril 2003, he re­tired af­ter 20 years of ser­vice in the Unit­ed States Na­vy.

  1. O, Lord, My God