Felice Degiardino
© National Portrait Gallery

Born: Ap­ril 12, 1716, Tu­rin, It­a­ly.

Died: June 8, 1796, Mos­cow, Russ­ia.


De Gi­ar­di­ni was a well known vi­o­lin­ist, com­pos­er and di­rect­or.

He sang as a choir boy in Mi­lan, It­a­ly, and stu­died mu­sic in Tur­in.

In the 1730s, he be­gan play­ing the vi­o­lin in or­ches­tras, and toured Eur­ope in the 1750s.

He then moved from It­a­ly to Lon­don, where he was in­volved with the op­e­ra. He al­so worked as mu­sic mas­ter for the Duke of Glou­ces­ter.

In 1796, de Gi­ar­di­ni moved to Mos­cow, but died in po­ver­ty short­ly af­ter.

His works in­clude:

  1. Athens
  2. Blendon
  3. It­al­i­an Hymn
  4. Turin

Giardini’s bur­ial place