Early 20th Century
  1. Afar From God I Wandered
  2. All We, Like Sheep, Had Wandered
  3. Anywhere with Jesus I Will Gladly Go
  4. Astray From My Savior
  5. Bethlehem’s Manger Held a King
  6. Blessed Jesus, We Are Small
  7. Blessed Peace of Christ My Bosom Fills, The
  8. Cares and Sorrows of This Life, The
  9. Dear Lord, Reveal Thyself to Me
  10. Dear Lord, Unloose My Stammering Tongue
  11. Every Little Hand May Work for Jesus
  12. Holy Father, as We Come Before Thee
  13. Home All Bright and Fair, A
  14. I Am Bound for the Country
  15. I Am Living in the Sunshine
  16. I Am the Lord’s
  17. I Do Not Ask to Walk by Sight
  18. I Have Found a Full Sal­va­tion
  19. I Know Not What Cares May Befall Me
  20. I Love the Blessed Savior
  21. I May Not See the Path I Tread
  22. I Praise the Lord for Mercies Great
  23. I Tell My Savior All My Grief
  24. I Will Not Offer to the Lord, My God
  25. I’ll Never Let Go His Hand
  26. I’m Trusting Christ
  27. Jesus Calls for Faithful Lab’rers
  28. Jesus Is Able to Save Us From Sin
  29. Jesus, Shepherd, Lead Thy Sheep
  30. Just to Know That Jesus Loves Me
  31. Keep Close to Your Guide
  32. Let Us Be Lights
  33. Lord, Come to Us
  34. Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth, The
  35. Lord, I Would Have No Will but Thine
  36. My Blessed Savior Holds My Hand
  37. My Only Hope, My Only Plea
  38. My Songs Arise in Fervent Adoration
  39. Nearer to Thee, My Savior
  40. O Bless the Lord for Perfect Peace
  41. O, Blessed Day, the Happy Day
  42. O Lord, Descend in Mighty Power
  43. O Sinner, Can You Turn From the Loving Plea?
  44. O That My Mortal Eyes
  45. Oh, Glory to the Cleansing Blood!
  46. Oh, Jesus, Go Not From My Sight
  47. Oh My Savior, How I Love Thee
  48. Reaper May Call for You Tonight, The
  49. Savior, Our Hearts Shall Be Thy Throne
  50. Sing a Triumph Song as You March Along
  51. Sinner Saved by Grace, A
  52. Soldiers for Jesus, O Be Strong in the Lord
  53. Speak a Word, a Loving Word for Jesus
  54. There’s a Foun­tain Overflowing
  55. There’s Power in Jesus’ Blood
  56. Tho’ Skies Be Dark, and Rough the Way
  57. We Are Jesus’ Little Ones
  58. We Are Little Workers
  59. We Can Safely Walk Through the Roughest Ways
  60. We Walk Together, My Lord and I
  61. Weary Soul, Oppressed with Grief and Care
  62. What Blessed Peace the Tho’t Affords
  63. What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do, Dear Lord?
  64. When We Reach the Land