January 8, 1861, St. Marylebone, London, England.

February 1, 1918, St. Marylebone, London, England.

Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green, London, England.


Ada was the youngest daughter of Dr. Samuel Os­borne Hab­er­shon and Grace Hab­er­shon.

She was brought up in a Chris­tian home by believing, praying parents, and her whole life was devoted to God’s service. In 1901, she began writing poetry while ill and wrote Apart with Him.

She met Dwight Moody and Ira San­key when they visited Lon­don in 1884, and visited Amer­i­ca at their invitation to deliver lectures on the Old Testament, which were later published.

During the 1905 Tor­rey-Al­ex­an­der Mission, Charles Al­ex­ander asked her to write some Gospel songs; within a year, she supplied him with 200. Her works include:

  1. Against the Tide
  2. Amid the Seraphs Gathered
  3. Are You All Alone in the Jostling Crowds?
  4. Are You Lonely, Very Lonely?
  5. Are You Ready for the Coming?
  6. Are You Yearning for the Glory?
  7. As in the Upper Room of Old
  8. At Your Door
  9. Bearing His Cross
  10. Bitter Cry Rang Through the Sky, A
  11. Christian Endeavor
  12. City of Refuge, The
  13. Coming Home at Last
  14. Crown of Thorns, The
  15. Door Was Shut, The
  16. Down, Down in a Fathomless Sea
  17. Draw Near, O Lord!
  18. Dying Love and Living Love
  19. Fairest on Earth
  20. Faith Can Bridge the Gulf Between
  21. For Every Winding of the Way
  22. For Yourself
  23. Go Forth, Go Forth
  24. Go Home and Tell
  25. God Gives Us Gleaming Jewels
  26. God Hath His People Here Below
  27. Grace and Glory
  28. He Can Do It
  29. He Can Set It Right
  30. He Cares for Me
  31. He That Hath the Son Hath Life
  32. He Will Hold Me Fast
  33. Heart That Is Fixed, A
  34. Heavy Burden of Daily Care, The
  35. His Sufficient Grace
  36. Holy Father, Keep Thy Child
  37. How Many Souls Have You Won?
  38. I Am Glad I Am Thine
  39. I Can Depend on Him
  40. I Need My Savior Now
  41. I Need to Be Filled
  42. I Wonder When We Shall See Him
  43. I’m a Poor Sinner
  44. I’m Pleading for You
  45. Is He Yours?
  46. It Is for Me
  47. Just a Day at a Time
  48. Just the Case for Him
  49. Let Him Mold Thee
  50. King’s Highway, The
  51. Lifted Up
  52. Little Children Need Salvation
  53. Longings
  54. Look Up, My Soul, and Hail the Home
  55. Lord of Glory Loves the Children, The
  56. Manger, a Cross, a Grave, A
  57. Many a Time
  58. Meet Me in the Homeland
  59. Mighty Power to Us Is Given, A
  60. My Father’s Love
  61. My Sins Are Forgiven
  62. No Burdens Yonder
  63. No More Sea
  64. No Other Story
  65. None Like His
  66. Not One
  67. Now
  68. O Leave Me Not Alone
  69. On the Other Side
  70. Only a Breath
  71. Only a Touch
  72. Pardoned
  73. Passing Through
  74. Peace of God, The
  75. Place Called Calvary, The
  76. Place Where the Lord Lay, The
  77. Poor and Needy
  78. Pull Against the Tide
  79. Remember How Much I Love You
  80. Rescue Song, The
  81. Room, Still Room
  82. Save, Oh, Save!
  83. Shepherd and the Sheep, The
  84. Shine Just Where You Are
  85. Shine, Shine Just Where You Are
  86. Soon Will Our Savior from Heaven Appear
  87. Speak Lord, for Thy Servant Heareth
  88. Suffer the Children
  89. Sunset Nearer, A
  90. Sweet Balm
  91. There Is No Present Power
  92. There Is Power in the Word
  93. There They Crucified Him
  94. There’s No One Too Hopeless for Him
  95. This Is Grace
  96. This Is the Rest
  97. Thou Seest Me
  98. Through All the World
  99. Thy Will Be Done
  100. Till the Day Break
  101. To Me, to Me
  102. To the Savior We Commend You
  103. Trumpet Call, The
  104. Trusting in the Lord
  105. Two Roads, a Broad and Narrow
  106. Valley of Shadow, The
  107. Waiting
  108. Was It You?
  109. We Are Going Through the Valley
  110. We Cannot Count Our Blessings
  111. We Must Say Farewell
  112. We’ll Fight for Our Captain
  113. What Is Faith?
  114. What Will It Be When We See Him?
  115. When You Long for Christ to Bless
  116. White Robed Throng, The
  117. Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
  118. Wonderful Grace
  119. Words My Mother Taught Me, The
  120. Written Before Me
  121. Your King Has Need of You