September 28, 1839, McMinn County, Tennessee.

May 4, 1904, Athens, Tennessee.

Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.

Winston was the son of Frankford Washington Hafley and Judith Bedford, and husband of Elizabeth Blevins. In 1880, he was in Athens, Tennessee, an agent for a sewing machine company. By 1900, he was living in Fulton County, Georgia.

  1. Beyond the Golden Sunset Sky
  2. Bible in the Cabin by the Sea, The
  3. Children May Work for the Master
  4. Come, Dear Wife, and Kneel Beside Me
  5. Dear Savior, I Love Thee
  6. Fainting and Famishing Out in the Desert
  7. Far Beyond the Rolling Jordan
  8. Haste Thee, Christian, Haste
  9. I Want to Be a Worker for the Lord
  10. List, the Christmas Bells Are Ringing
  11. Little Child Shall Lead, A
  12. Long I Wandered from the Savior
  13. O the Good We All May Do
  14. O That Land of the Blest
  15. Sailor on the Trackless Ocean
  16. See, the Storm Is Raging
  17. Sinner, Hear the Voice of Jesus
  18. Sinner, Jesus Is Calling for Thee
  19. Soon the Savior Will Be Coming
  20. There’s a City That Is Far, Far Away
  21. There’s a Land of Pure Delight
  22. When the Billows Roll the Highest