February 25, 1858, Monroe County, Kentucky.

January 25, 1933, Owensboro, Kentucky.

Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, Kentucky.

Son of James Fendel and Sarah Strode Hagan, James was a teacher all his life. His principal work was in high schools in Warren, Monroe, Metcalfe, Hart, and Daviess Counties, Kentucky. He was head or joint head of the Monroe Normal for many years in Flippin, Kentucky, with Professor T. C. Gillianwaters. Altogether he taught for forty years.

Hagan married Ella B. Evans of Tompkinsville, Kentucky, in 1892, and had two children with her. After her death, he married Rubye Vance of Paducah, Kentucky, in 1907, and had three sons with her.

Hagan was known as an outstanding musician, receiving his training in Tompkinsville; Bowling Green Normal; the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois; and the Cincinnati College of Music. His first musical composition was written at age sixteen, and over 800 of his hymns were published. He also edited two public school song books and was very active in putting music into the public schools.

Hagan was associated with such authors as Bliss, Stebbins, Rodeheaver, Coleman, Showalter, the Vaughan brothers, and others. For about five years he traveled with a male quartet.

He came to Christ converted at age fourteen and joined a Baptist church. After holding membership in the Bowling Green and Owensboro First Churches for years, he spent his last days in the Seven Hills Church where he served as deacon, Sunday school teacher, and choir director.

  1. Christian Soldier, Don Thy Armor
  2. Farther On
  3. Have Faith, Speak and Pray
  4. He Has Redeemed Me
  5. I Am Clinging to the Solid Rock
  6. If You Have the Love of God
  7. Jesus Is Earnestly Calling
  8. Jesus Is Waiting
  9. On Time’s Rapid Marching
  10. See the Blessed Angels Watching
  11. Some Sweet Day the Silver Lining
  12. Take Jesus with You Everywhere
  13. What Will You Do with Jesus?
  14. When the Joybells Rang at Morn
  15. While Aimlessly Sailing on Life’s Rugged Sea
  16. Wonderful Story of Jesus, Our Lord
  17. Would You Have the Peace of God?
  18. Would You on the Lord Believe?
  1. Last Call, The
  2. O, the Things We May Do
  3. That Beautiful Land

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