January 29, 1810, Boston, Massachusetts.

November 17, 1862, Keene, New Hampshire.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Y. L. E. (the last letters of her first, middle & last names)

Daughter of Eliphalet Hale and Abigail Waters, Mary worked in the educational field in Boston and Taunton, Massachusetts; Keene, New Hampshire; and elsewhere. Her works include:

  1. Around Thy Forest Shrine, Eternal God
  2. Author of All My Blessings Here
  3. Eternal Father, Throned Above
  4. Father, Before I Close Mine Eyes
  5. Father, Enthroned Above, Thou Source of Life
  6. Father, When Gathered Round Thy Throne
  7. Flowers for the Early Dead
  8. Hallowed Morn Returns Again, The
  9. Has Life No Charm for Thee?
  10. Home, Home, As We Kneel
  11. If Ever Angel’s Wing Droop from Its Home
  12. Is There a Secret, Hidden Place?
  13. Lord’s Day Well Spent, A
  14. Nigh, in That Hour of Secret Grief
  15. Not Amid Pleasure’s Giddy Throng
  16. Not Within Palace Halls the Holy Infant Lay
  17. One Universal Strain of Praise
  18. Praise for the Glorious Light
  19. Sweet and Blessed Strain They Swell, A
  20. This Day Let Grateful Praise Ascend
  21. Welcome, Thou Blessed Spot
  22. Welcome, Welcome, Quiet Morning
  23. Whatever Dims Thy Sense of Truth
  24. When in Silence o’er the Deep

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