March 5, 1987.

Sunset Memorial Gardens, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Harris was a music and education director at Baptist churches in Oklahoma, starting at Bristow in 1922. He later served in Ardmore, Shawnee, Lawton, and Ada (1939–55). He also taught music at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee for seven years. Afterward, he engaged in city mission work in Lawton, Oklahoma, and retired in 1980.

  1. Blessed Savior, Friend of Man
  2. Echo in the Valley, The
  3. Great Redeemer, We Adore Thee
  4. Hail Thou Immanuel
  5. Heaven Is Perfect and Holy
  6. I’ll See Jesus
  7. Jesus Came into My Heart to Stay
  8. Jesus, My Lord
  9. Jesus, the Fountain of Love
  10. Many Mansions
  11. Patrol the Shores of Glory
  12. Some Day to Be
  13. Soon Our Labors Will Be Ended
  14. Sweet Consolation
  15. There’s a Glorious Time to Come
  16. We Are Marching from the Cross to the Crown
  17. When the Chiming Bells Ring Home
  18. Where Shall You Spend Eternity?