November 6, 1807, Thompson, Connecticut.

February 12, 1887, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

It was during building of the Methodist Church (1847-48) or immediately afterwards that Rev. Jefferson Hascall, presiding elder over the Worcester Conference, whose discerning eye saw a field here white for the harvest, moved into town and thrust in his sickle. Under his labors there was a great revival of religion, and over one hundred persons professed conversion…He graduated at Wilbraham Academy about 1829 and immediately entered upon the ministry. He lived in Shrewsbury about twenty years in all, and most of the time was in the presiding eldership. He was a man of great ability, energy and influence, a powerful preacher of his faith and a public-spirited citizen of the town. Interested in and favoring education and all public improvements, and an earnest advocate of a vigorous prosecution of the war to suppress the slave holders’ rebellion, he was universally respected and beloved by the people of the town.

History of Worcester County Massachusetts with Historical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men
Edited by D. Hamilton Hurd (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: J. W. Lewis & Company, 1889), vol. I, pp. 780-810.

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