January 13, 1532, Mühlhausen, Thuringia.

April 8, 1598, Mühlhausen, Thuringia.

Son of Stephan Helmbold, woolen manufacturer at Mühlhausen, Ludwig was educated at Leipzig and Erfurt (BA 1550). After two year’s headmastership at St. Mary’s School at Mühlhausen, he returned to Erfurt, and remained in the University (MA 1554) as a lecturer until his appointment in 1561 as conrector of the St. Augustine Gymnasium at Erfurt. When the University was reconstituted in 1565, after the plague of 1563–64, he was appointed dean of the Philosophical Faculty, and 1566, was crowned as a poet by Emperor Maximilian II. However, due to his Protestantism he had to resign in 1570. Returning to Mühlhausen, he was appointed, in 1561, diaconus of St. Mary’s Church, and in 1586, pastor of St. Blasius’ Church and Superintendent at Mühlhausen.

  1. Herr Gott, erhalt uns für und für
  2. Von Gott will ich nicht lassen

Helmbold’s burial place