1530, Fulneck, Moravia (now Fulnek, Czech Republic).

October 1, 1571, Eibenschütz, Moravia (now Ivančice, Czech Republic).

Herbert was ordained a priest of the Brethren’s Unity in 1562, became a member of the Select Council in 1567, and was Consenior of the Unity. He was sent as a deputy to confer with John Calvin, and in 1562 to arrange with Duke Christoph of Württemberg for the education at Tübingen of young men from the Bohemian Brethren. He was also one of the deputies sent to Vienna in 1564 to present the revised form of the Brethren’s Confession of Faith to the Emperor Maximilian II, and in 1566 to present their new German hymn book. Herbert was one of the principal compilers of the enlarged edition of the 1566 hymn book published as Kirchengeseng, and contributed some 90 hymns to it (in the 1639 edition, 104 hymns are marked as his).

  1. Des Herren Wort bleibt in Weigkeit
  2. Die Nacht ist kommen drin wir ruhen sollen
  3. Fürchtet Gott, O lieben Leut
  4. Lasst uns mit Lust und Freud aus Glauben singen
  5. O Christenmensch, merk wie sichs hält
  6. O höchster Trost, heiliger Geist