August 24, 1591, London, England.

October 12, 1674, Dean Prior, Devon, England.

St. George the Martyr churchyard, Dean Prior, Devon, England.

Son of goldsmith Nicholas Herrick of Cheapside, and nephew of Sir William Herrick, goldsmith and jeweler to the king, Robert was educated at St. John’s College, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Taking Holy Orders in 1629, he was assigned to Dean Prior, Devonshire. He was ejected during Cromwell’s government, but was reinstated at the Restoration.

Herrick wrote over 2,000 poems, one of the best of which is Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May. His works include:

  1. Can I Not Come to Thee, My God, for These?
  2. Carol for Christmas Eve
  3. Come to Me, God
  4. Have, Have Ye No Regard?
  5. Hence They Have Born My Lord
  6. Here a Little Child I Stand
  7. In the Dark and Cloudy Day
  8. In the Hour of My Distress
  9. In This World
  10. Is This a Fast?
  11. Lord, Thou Hast Given Me a Cell
  12. My God, I’m Wounded by My Sin
  13. Prepare for Songs
  14. When Virgin Morn Doth Call Thee to Arise
  15. When Winds and Seas Do Rage