December 22, 1823, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

May 9, 1911, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Son of Stephen Higginson and Mary Potter Thacher, Higginson was a Harvard University graduate. He served Unitarian pastorates in Newburyport (1847–50) and Worcester (1852–58). In 1858, he retired from the ministry and devoted himself to literature. He was one of the Secret Six who helped fund abolitionist John Brown’s 1859 raid on Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. During the American civil war, he was a colonel in the first African-American regiment raised in South Carolina. He was a leading contributor to the Atlantic Monthly and also produced:

  1. Easy Thing, O Power Divine, An
  2. From Street and Square, from Hill and Glen
  3. Land Our Fathers Left to Us, The
  4. Mid the Flower Wreathed Tombs I Stand
  5. Mute Companion at My Side, A
  6. No Human Eyes Thy Face May See
  7. O Gather, Gather, Stand
  8. Past Is Dark with Sin and Shame, The
  9. Safe Neath the Violets
  10. To Thine Eternal Arms, O God
  11. To Veil Thy Truth by Darkening or by Hiding
  12. When First I Mark upon My Child’s Clear Brow