March 6, 1852, Lyndon, New York.

February 14, 1920, Springfield, Illinois.

Mount Prospect Cemetery, Franklinville, New York.

Hogue was the son of Thomas Hogue and Sarah Carpenter, and husband of Emma Luella Hogue. He served as a bishop of the Free Methodist Church, and founded Greenville College, Illinois. His works include:

  1. Be Still, My Soul, Before Thy God
  2. Holy Sabbath, Day of Rest
  3. Jehovah, Thee We Praise
  4. Jesus, Thy Disciples See
  5. Lord Is Ris’n Indeed, The
  6. Lord of Mercy, God of Might
  7. O God, Thou High and Lofty One
  8. O Love Divine, by Christ Revealed
  9. O Thou Who Dwell’st on High