Au­gust 29, 1809, Cam­bridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Oc­to­ber 7, 1894, Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Mount Au­burn Ce­me­te­ry, Cam­bridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts.


Oliver was the son of Con­gre­ga­tion­al min­is­ter Ab­i­el Holmes.

Her taught an­a­to­my and phys­i­o­lo­gy at Har­vard Me­di­cal School, where he event­u­al­ly be­came dean. How­ev­er, he is per­haps best re­mem­bered as an au­thor, and as fa­ther of Am­er­i­can Su­preme Court Jus­tice Ol­iv­er Wen­dell Holmes, Jr.

In ad­di­tion, with James Lo­well, he helped found The At­lan­tic Month­ly ma­ga­zine in 1857. His oth­er works in­clude:

  1. Angel of Peace
  2. Behold Not Him We Knew
  3. Father of All Life, Near and Far
  4. Father of Mer­cies, Hea­ven­ly Friend
  5. God Bless Our Fa­thers’ Land
  6. Land Where the Ban­ners Wave Last in the Sun
  7. Lord of All Be­ing
  8. Lord of All Life, Be­low, Above
  9. Lord, Thou Hast Led Us as of Old
  10. Not Char­i­ty We Ask
  11. Not in the World of Light Alone
  12. O Lord of Hosts, Al­migh­ty King
  13. O Love Di­vine, That Stooped to Share
  14. Our Fa­ther, While Our Hearts Un­learn
  15. Soon Shall the Slum­ber­ing Morn Awake
  16. Sun of Our Life, Thy Quick­en­ing Ray
  17. This Is the Ship of Pearl
  18. Thou Gra­cious Pow­er
  19. Though Scat­tered Far the Flock May Stray
  20. Triple Health to Friend­ship, Sci­ence, Art, A
  21. Waves Un­build the Wast­ing Shore, The
  22. We Trust and Fear, We Ques­tion and Be­lieve
  23. What Flow­er Is This That Greets?
  24. Who Is the Shep­herd Sent to Lead?