October 15, 1762, Boxford, Massachusetts.

February 7, 1820, Concord, New Hampshire.

Village Cemetery, Boxford, Massachusetts.

Holyoke came from a family distinguished by service. His maternal grandfather was Oliver Peabody, minister to the Natick Indians. His paternal uncle was Edward Holyoke, president of Harvard. His father served at the Congregational Church in Boxford for almost 50 years.

Holyoke graduated from Harvard, then taught singing throughout New England. He participated in concerts of the Essex Musical Association, and wrote a number of religious and secular tunes. From around 1800 he was living in Salem, Massachusetts, where he led an Instrumental Club in 1805, and gave choral concerts 1808–09 .

For the funeral of American president George Washington, Holyoke wrote tunes for two hymns by Isaac Watts. His other works include:

  1. Arnheim
  2. Hingham

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