September 28, 1788.

Baptist Burying Ground, Bristol, England.

Hoskins, a Congregational minister, served ten years at Castle Green Chapel in Bristol. In the three years before his death, he wrote 384 hymns, which were published posthumously by fellow Congregational ministers Moody and Bottomley in Hymns on Select Texts of Scripture and Occasional Subjects (Bristol, England: 1789).

  1. Alas! My Lord, My Life, Is Gone
  2. Behold, Behold the Lamb of God
  3. Great Light of Life, Thou Nature’s Lord
  4. In Thy Great Name, O Lord, We Come
  5. Let Thoughtless Thousands Choose
  6. O How the Hearts of Those Revive
  7. Prisoners of Sin and Satan, Too
  8. Savior of Sinners, Deign to Shine
  9. Time Is Short, Ere All That Live, The
  10. Today the Savior Rose