Ju­ly 12, 1843, Na­po­le­on, Ohio.

June 14, 1901, Cleve­land, Ohio.

Al­li­ance Ci­ty Ce­me­te­ry, Al­li­ance, Ohio.


Ralph was the son of Hen­ry and Sar­ah Hud­son.

The fa­mi­ly moved to Penn­syl­van­ia when Ralph was a boy. Soon af­ter the out­break of the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war, he en­list­ed in the 10th Penn­syl­van­ia Vol­un­teers, and served ov­er three years.

After dis­charge from the ar­my, he be­came a suc­cess­ful mu­sic teach­er. From 1872–74, he was Pro­fess­or of Vo­cal Mu­sic at Mount Un­ion Col­lege, and for the next quar­ter cen­tu­ry lived in the Mt. Un­ion-Al­li­ance, Ohio, area.

For a while, he was in a real es­tate part­ner­ship with Rev. D. D. Waugh. How­ev­er, he was best known as a hymn writ­er and mu­sic pub­lish­er, and for ev­an­gel­ism and tem­per­ance work. He was a lay preach­er and mem­ber of the Mt. Un­ion Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal Church, and was one of the few sup­port­ers of the Sal­va­tion Ar­my when it strug­gled to gain a foot­hold in Al­li­ance in the mid-1880’s.

In 1897, Hud­son moved to Cleve­land, Ohio, where he con­tinued to pub­lish mu­sic, and to tra­vel as an ev­an­gel­ist and tem­per­ance work­er.

In late May, 1901, he left Cleve­land for an ex­ten­sive trip to pro­mote his lat­est song book. He stopped in Up­land, In­di­a­na, to at­tend com­mence­ment ex­er­cis­es at Tay­lor Un­i­ver­si­ty, where he was a trust­ee. He stayed there se­ver­al days and de­liv­ered a lec­ture.

Short­ly af­ter, he fell ill and died. At the time of his death, he was a mem­ber of the Lo­cal Preach­ers As­so­ci­a­tion, the Ep­worth Me­mor­ial Church in Cleve­land, and the Pro­tected Home Ci­rcle.

Hudson’s works in­clude:

  1. All Taken Away
  2. Behold the Bride­groom
  3. Bible, The
  4. Blessed Je­sus
  5. Blessed Name
  6. Calvary
  7. Child of the King, A
  8. Christmas Day
  9. Come to the Feast
  10. Follow Thou Me
  11. Fountain Flow­ing
  12. Glorious Church, A
  13. Going Home To­night
  14. Gospel Train
  15. Haste Away
  16. He Is Com­ing
  17. He Knows
  18. He Took Me In
  19. His Name Is Je­sus
  20. His Yoke Is Ea­sy
  21. Homeward Bound
  22. I Come Just as I Am
  23. I Will, God Help­ing Me
  24. I’ll Live for Him
  25. I’m Glad I En­tered In
  26. I’m Sa­tis­fied
  27. Jesus Is Call­ing
  28. Jesus Now Is Pass­ing By
  29. Life of Trust, How Sweet
  30. Little Talk with Je­sus, A
  31. Look to Je­sus
  32. Marriage Sup­per
  33. My Dream
  34. No One Like Je­sus
  35. Prayer for Guid­ance
  36. Press This Bat­tle On
  37. Prodigal Child, Come Home
  38. Redeemed
  39. Repentance
  40. Rewarded
  41. Ring, Ring the Bells
  42. Rose of Sha­ron
  43. Shout for Joy
  44. Sing of My Re­deem­er
  45. Something to Do
  46. Tale of Woe, The
  47. Ten Vir­gins, The
  48. There’ll Be Joy in the Morn­ing
  49. This Just Suits Me
  50. We Will Have a Hap­py Time
  51. Who’ll En­list?
  52. Wonderful Love
  53. Wonderful Sav­ior
  1. Beautiful Ci­ty of Gold
  2. Blessed Be the Name
  3. Colón
  4. Driven from Home
  5. Fill Me Now
  6. Hidden Path
  7. Hudson
  8. I Will Fol­low
  9. I’ll Be There
  10. Jesus, Lov­er of My Soul
  11. Lily of the Val­ley
  12. Man of Gal­i­lee
  13. Martyrdom
  14. Mary Mag­da­lene
  15. New Hid­ing Place
  16. Safety
  17. Same To­day
  18. Satisfied
  19. Shadow of the Rock, The
  20. Simply Trust­ing Ev­ery Day
  21. We Mean This World for God
  22. Without One Plea