December 24, 1869, Moline, Illinois.

March 6, 1943, Moline, Illinois.

Union Cemetery, Maplewood, Minnesota.

Adolf was the son of blacksmith Olof Hult, one of the early members of the Swedish colony in Moline.

Adolf graduated from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, in 1892, then earned his Bachelor of Divinity degree at Augustana Theological Seminary. Ordained June 11, 1899, at the synodical meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota, he became pastor of the Messiah English Lutheran Church in Lake View, Illinois, where had served a year while a student. During his pastorate, membership grew from 226 to over 450, making it the third largest English Lutheran church in the Chicago area.

Hult pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Chicago, and taught Hebrew for a year at the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary. He contributed numerous articles to the Lutheran press, and in 1905 was chief editor of I’äktaren, a religious paper published in Chicago. As of 1908, he was associate editor of The Young Lutheran’s Companion, published semi-monthly at Rock Island, Illinois.

In May 1907, Hult became pastor of the Immanuel Swedish Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska.

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