December 22, 1877, in Calhoun County (Showalter) or Camden (his own report, 1942), Arkansas.

August 7, 1957, Oklahoma (13 miles southwest of Conroe), Texas.

Albany Cemetery, Albany, Oklahoma.


Hultsman was the son of Benjamin Hultsman, Sr., and Martha Jane Pierce, and husband of Julia Amanda Woods.

His was a musical family: His father, a Baptist minister, was a good singer, and his sister played the organ. He moved to Texas in 1890, and attended his first singing school in 1895. In 1896, he joined the Baptist church. He bought a copy of Anthony Showalter’s New Harmony and Composition in 1899, and with its help began composing. Soon after he helped the Quartet Company prepare The Harvester. He later received a diploma from the Southern Normal Musical Institute in its session at Omaha, Texas.

The 1910 census shows him and Julia in Bryan County, Texas. He registered for the draft in 1918 in Albany, Oklahoma. The 1920 census shows him and Julia in Albany, but by 1930 they were in Sherman, Texas, where he was selling gasoline. During World War II, he was employed by the Works Progress Administration.

  1. Far in the Eastern Sky Shineth
  2. I Heard My Father Say
  3. Master Is Calling for Workers, The
  4. Now the Fight Is On
  5. Toil On, Dear Friends
  6. We Are Sailing, Sailing On
  7. We Lift Our Songs, Dear Lord
  1. Do Something for Jesus
  2. Faith Discerns a Country