Ap­ril 25, 1792, Fair­ford, Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.

March 29, 1866, Bourne­mouth, Hamp­shire, Eng­land.

All Saints church­yard, Hurs­ley, Hamp­shire, Eng­land.


Keble was the son of the vi­car of Colne.

Af­ter a brill­iant ca­reer at Ox­ford Un­i­ver­si­ty, he took Ho­ly Or­ders and be­came cur­ate at East Leach and Bur­thorpe. In 1827, he pub­lished The Chris­tian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sun­days and Ho­ly Days Through­out the Year, which was an in­stant suc­cess.

In 1831, Keble be­came a pro­fes­sor of po­et­ry at Ox­ford. In 1833, he laid the found­a­tion of the Ox­ford Move­ment by de­liv­er­ing his fa­mous As­size Ser­mon. In 1835, he ac­cept­ed the vi­car­age at Hurs­ley, where he stayed the rest of his life.

Keble was a mo­dest man, and prob­ab­ly thought less of his own work than did the least of his ad­mir­ers. He once ac­com­pan­ied the vi­car of a par­ish in south­ern Eng­land on his vi­sit to the Sun­day School.

The su­per­in­ten­dent asked Keble to say a few words to the child­ren, who were al­rea­dy ac­quaint­ed with his hymns, so that they might more ea­si­ly re­mem­ber them. Ke­ble de­murred, but when the su­per­in­ten­dent per­sist­ed, said May they sing some­thing? When they fin­ished, his face was beam­ing as he said:

My dear child­ren, you sang most beau­ti­ful­ly in tune; may your whole lives be equal­ly in tune, and then you will sing with the angels in hea­ven.

  1. Ave Ma­ria! Bless­èd Maid!
  2. Bethlehem, Above All Ci­ties Blest
  3. Blest Are the Pure in Heart
  4. Christ Be­fore Thy Door Is Wait­ing
  5. Creator Sav­ior, Strength­en­ing Guide
  6. Days of Hope and Pray­er Are Past, The
  7. Divine Wrath
  8. Earth Is All the Lord’s, The
  9. Father, What Trea­sures of Sweet Thought
  10. From Deeps So Wild and Drear
  11. God Is Not in the Earth­quake, but Be­hold
  12. God Our Hope and Strength Abid­ing
  13. God, the Lord, a King Re­main­eth
  14. Gracious Sav­ior, Gen­tle Shep­herd
  15. Hail, Glad­den­ing Light
  16. How Plea­sant, Lord of Hosts, How Dear
  17. How the New­born Saints, As­sem­bling
  18. Hues of the Rich Un­fold­ing Morn
  19. In Trou­blous Days of An­guish and Re­buke
  20. Is This a Time to Plant and Build?
  21. Lessons Sweet of Spring Re­turn­ing
  22. Live-Long Night We’ve Toiled in Vain, The
  23. Living Stream, as Crys­tal Clear, A
  24. Lo, from the East­ern Hills the Lord
  25. Lord, Be My Judge, for I Have Trod
  26. Lord in Thy Field I Work All Day
  27. Lord, in Thy Name Thy Serv­ants Plead
  28. Lord, Lift My Heart to Thee at Morn
  29. Lord of Life, Pro­phe­tic Spir­it
  30. Lord, Thy Heart in Love Hath Yearned
  31. Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Out and Known
  32. Mercies of the Lord My God, The
  33. Midday Sun with Fierc­est Glare, The
  34. My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Me?
  35. My Sav­ior, Can It Ev­er Be?
  36. My Shep­herd Is the Liv­ing God
  37. My Shep­herd Is the Lord, I Know
  38. O Fa­ther of Long Suf­fer­ing Grace
  39. O God of Mer­cy, God of Might
  40. O Lord My God, Do Thy Ho­ly Will
  41. O Love Un­seen, We Know Thee Nigh
  42. O Say Not, Dream Not
  43. O Shame on Thee, List­less Heart
  44. O Time­ly Hap­py, Time­ly Wise
  45. O Who Shall Dare in This Frail Scene?
  46. Once in His Name Who Made Thee
  47. Our God in Glo­ry Sits on High
  48. Praise the Lord, for He Is Love
  49. Praise Ye the Lord from Hea­ven
  50. Red o’er the For­est Peers the Set­ting Sun
  51. Seed of Ja­cob, One and All, The
  52. Shadow of the Al­migh­ty’s Cloud, The
  53. Silent Joy That Sinks So Deep, The
  54. Sing the Song Un­heard Be­fore
  55. Slowly the Gleam­ing Stars Re­tire
  56. Sound High Je­ho­vah’s Name
  57. Spirit of Christ, Thine Ear­nest Give
  58. Spirit of Light and Truth, to Thee
  59. Spirit of Might and Sweet­ness, Too
  60. Star of the East, How Sweet Art Thou
  61. Sweet Nurs­lings of the Ver­nal Skies
  62. Then, Faint­ing Soul, Arise and Sing
  63. There Is a Book That All May Read
  64. Thou Fram­er of the Light and Dark
  65. ’Tis Gone, That Bright and Orb­èd Blaze
  66. ’Twas at the Ma­tin Hour
  67. Twilight Hour Is Sweet at Morn, The
  68. Voice That Breathed o’er Ed­en, The
  69. When Bro­thers Part for Man­hood’s Race
  70. When Christ to Vil­lage Comes or Town
  71. When God of Old Came Down from Heav’n
  72. Who for the Like of Me Will Care?
  73. Who Is God’s Chos­en Priest?
  74. Why Doth My Sav­ior Weep?
  75. Why Should We Faint and Fear to Live Alone?
  76. Wish Not, Dear Friends, My Pain Away
  77. Word Su­preme, Be­fore Cre­a­tion
  78. Year Be­gins with Thee, The