June 18, 1854, Flush­ing, Ohio.

June 10, 1945, Flush­ing, Ohio.

City Ce­me­te­ry, Flush­ing, Ohio.


Raised a Me­thod­ist, Kirk be­came as­so­ci­at­ed with the Chris­tian and Mis­sion­a­ry Al­lia­nce (CAMA) in 1887. He or­ga­nized the CAMA’s Gos­pel Mis­sion in Flush­ing, Ohio, in 1907. As part of the Ohio Quar­tet, he sang at CAMA con­ven­tions and ga­ther­ings.

  1. I Hear My Sav­ior Say­ing
  2. I Read the Sweet Sto­ry Again and Again
  3. I’m Ne­ver Lone­ly Any More
  4. Jesus Heals To­day
  5. O Won­der­ful Sto­ry of Mer­cy and Love
  6. Our Lord, Whom We’ve Not Seen
  7. Our Lord’s Re­turn to Earth Again
  8. Under Thy Wings, My God
  1. Blessed Quiet­ness
  2. Jaén (ar­rang­er)
  3. Ye Shall Be My Wit­ness­es
  4. Yielded to God

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