Johann Frederic Lampe

1703, Saxony.

July 25, 1751, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Canongate Churchyard (East Wall), Edinburgh, Scotland.


Lampe moved to London in 1724 to play bassoon in operas, and married Thomas Arne’s sister-in-law, Isabella Young. He wrote for the for stage, and on theory. He traveled the British Isles, being in Dublin, Ireland (1748–49), and at the Canongate Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland (1750), and was a friend of Charles Wesley.

The monument at Lampe’s resting place reads:

Here lye the mortal remains of Johann Frederic Lampe, whose harmonious compositions shall outlive monumental registers, and, with melodious notes through future ages perpetuate his fame, till time shall sink into eternity. His taste for moral harmony appeared through all his conduct. On the 25th of July, 1751, in the forty-eighth year of his age, he was summoned to join that heavenly concert with the blessed choir above, where his virtuous soul now enjoys that harmony which was his chief delight upon earth.
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