1853, New York City.

1945, Nashville, Tennessee.

Lane’s parents were Patrick and Alice O’Connor Lane. He was an advertising salesman for New York newspapers in his early years. After becoming a Christian, influenced by T. De Witt Talmadge, he became a mission worker. He later conducted revival meetings in the eastern United States before moving to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1893. His works include:

  1. As I Go Along My Pilgrim Way
  2. As You Travel Life’s Rough Pathway
  3. Christians, Rise and Join the Army
  4. How Happy the Home, with a Baby About
  5. I Am Going to Heaven with My Savior
  6. I Came to Jesus Weary Worn
  7. I Love My Savior, He’s Good to Me
  8. If You Have Lost in the Battle
  9. In the Home Where Jesus Is an Honored Guest
  10. In the Storms of Life
  11. Jesus Loves Little Children
  12. Jesus, We Look to Thee
  13. Keep Close to Jesus
  14. My Sins Are All Forgiven
  15. Out in the World I Wandered
  16. Remember Your Mother
  17. There Is Great Joy in Heaven
  18. There Is Hope for All
  19. There’s a Story Ever New
  20. ’Tis a Pleasure Sweet
  21. We Are Happy Children
  22. When a Brother Goes Wrong
  23. When from Friends on Earth We’re Parted